Is It Time to Ditch the Beard?

Have you been rocking the hipster beard look for a while now? Have you enjoyed your time being a ‘lumbersexual’? Are you wondering whether, going into the new year, you should keep your fuzz or get rid of it? Here are some of the reasons why it might be time to go clean shaven, although ultimately if you really do still love your beard, you should keep it…

Beards are Bad for Business

If you’re self-employed, your beard is unlikely to pose you any problems. If, however, you are an employee or you’re currently looking for work, there are still a lot of business owners and HR staff who are prejudiced against the beard. It’s not fair, and really, it’s a bit silly, but many individuals would still rather hire a clean shaven one than someone who has a little grizzle.

More Women Prefer a Clean Shaven Man

If you’re dating and you’re struggling to get people to swipe right on Tinder or agree to a second date, could it be the beard that’s getting in the way? There is some evidence to suggest that, although beards definitely have their female fans, men are more likely to turn heads when they’re clean shaven and dressed to impressed than they are with a big bushy beard. Again, it’s not really fair, but it’s something to think about.

Everyone Has One

If neither of those things was enough to convince you to head over to Manly Matters and pick out a great new razor to get rid of the facial hair, perhaps the fact that the trend for growing the biggest and best beard one is capable of has become so ubiquitous that it seems like everyone who can grow one has grown one at this point. That makes it a whole lot more difficult for you to stand out from the crowd, and since women and employers both prefer the clean-shaven look, on the whole, standing out isn’t just about being unique, it could actually be to your advantage too.

It’s Not the most Hygienic

If you’re scrupulous about cleaning and oiling your beard, then it’s probably in pretty good condition, the same goes for those of you who have a less bushy, more manicured beard, but for those of you who are perhaps a little lack with your beard care, it could be a different story. So many beards are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, what with them being so easily contaminated by food and anything else that you might put in your mouth or get near your face, that they are often not the most hygienic option. They’re certainly not as hygienic as a clean-shaven regularly washed face!


Of course, if you love your beard there really is nothing wrong with keeping it for as long as you still love it, but there is no denying that there really are some very good reasons to get out your razor and get rid of it, or at least cut it down to size some. The choice is yours!