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All You Need to Know About RV Batteries

Those who have been RVing for many, many years know that they simply cannot function without high-quality RV batteries. Without them, many devices and appliances wouldn’t be able to properly work

It means that basically, you would be spending time in a solid tent, not in the RV, and we could all agree that that’s not what you want. Namely, these batteries were made to store huge amounts of power so you can camp anywhere you want for longer periods of time without worrying that you won’t be able to go back.

That’s why anyone who uses this vehicle completely relies on its batteries. So, is there anything else you need to know? Of course, there is! Here in this article, we are going to provide you with some information that might make things clearer!

Not All Of Them Are The Same

There are some obvious differences in voltage when it comes to it. A lot of RV batteries are typically twelve volts. They usually supply appliances like lighting and water pumps with power. For instance, 6-volt batteries can power a flashlight, however, you can put six-volt batteries together to perform just like a twelve-volt battery.

There are a couple of categories when it comes to these batteries. The most common and affordable one is the flooded lead-acid battery. Besides them, you can come across deep cycle ones, that have a bit thicker plates but are relatively similar in size. 

Generally speaking, they provide you with more power and require different maintenance in comparison to the classic lead-acid batteries. Namely, free lead-acid batteries also do not require the same maintenance as the traditional ones, although they do come with practically the same safety risks.

Besides the ones we already mentioned, people frequently utilize lithium-ion batteries. It’s of great relevance to get yourself familiar with the type of batteries you are using so that you can follow all the rules regarding maintenance routine and charging cycle.

Battery Charging

Speaking of this, two of the biggest reasons why RV batteries stop working is because of either overcharging or undercharging. Gurus at https://www.calloftheopenroad.com/charging-rv-batteries-correctly/ suggest that this may lead to battery replacement sooner than you expected. It’s important to prevent this because it can cause you both money and time you would typically spend on a future camping trip.

Bear in mind that you should never allow the batteries to go below fifty percent charge. On the other hand, anything that is lower than twenty percent can also cause some serious damages. If this occurs, your battery will never be able to work normally again.

If batteries are not charged for a longer period of time, it is going to cause sulfate material to turn into crystals. Furthermore, it will cause batteries to lose the ability to hold a charge, which is widely known as sulfation. 

On the other hand, if they are left on a charger for too long, it will eventually lead to overcharging which causes major plate corrosion, as well as water loss. To prevent both overcharging and undercharging is to leak charge whenever you are not utilizing them and to ensure that the connection is clean and good.

Cleaning An RV Battery

If you want to extend the life of your RV battery and make sure not to waste any money, it is crucial to maintain it as best as you can. In this case, prevention is the priority. It’s of huge importance not to wait until the batteries are filled with corrosive deposits to clean them.

Why is this crucial? It’s because if you postpone cleaning, your batteries will become too damaged and it may be too late to do anything about them. When cleaning them, start by placing old clothing and utilizing both eye and skin protection.

Usually, people use protective goggles and gloves. This mustn’t be overlooked, because you may deal with battery acid that could potentially cause some serious damage. Therefore, it would be recommendable if you utilized a wire brush with a baking soda, along with a lukewarm water solution to prevent corrosion.

Besides, you should also clean the battery terminal connection, as well as the clamps that are connected to them. Once you’re done with it, put some petroleum jelly or grease to the cables and clean terminals.

If you’re frequently driving your RV then you are probably aware of the importance of its batteries. Without them, your vehicle cannot properly function, along with appliances that are placed inside. With the help of this info, you will be able to familiarize yourself with them and will prevent any potential damages.