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Signs That Your Tankless Water Heater is Broken

The Tankless water heater has replaced water heaters with tanks for many good reasons. One primary advantage is the instant hot water supply as soon as the water heater is turned on. Other advantages include a longer life span of tankless heaters, time and energy efficiency, and low monthly cost. Proper installation and quality maintenance will increase the lifespan of the tankless heaters. 

However, like other electrical appliances, your tankless water heater can get broken regardless of the quality of maintenance. The faster you can detect when your heater is broken, the sooner you can repair the damages and the longer the lifespan. Here are signs that your tankless water heater is broken.

No hot water supply

This is the most obvious sign that your tankless water heater is broken. Your water heater may also produce lukewarm water or alternate between hot and cold water supply. This can be due to a blocked heat exchanger or vent. Sedimentation of hard water particles or other chemicals from the water supply on vital parts of the water heater may also cause no hot water supply when the heater is turned on. Too much hot water demand at the same time will put undue pressure on the water heater and cause no hot water or lukewarm water. The gas supply to the water heater may also be turned off or may have developed issues. If you notice your water heater stopped producing hot water, check if your gas supply is turned on and turn it on if not. Call in a professional to service and fix your water heater if it produces cold water or lukewarm water when turned on.


Even though a tankless water heater has no direct storage of hot water, there can still be problems with leakage. Leakage is usually seen in the heat exchanger with puddles of water at the base of your tankless water heater. A reduction in the pressure of the water may also indicate severe leakage. Leakage in the heat exchanger will cause corrosion of metal surfaces. When leakage is noticed, it is crucial to call for urgent repair as severe corrosion may lead to electrical shock and total replacement of the tankless water heater.

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Too hot water

Just as your water heater producing cold water or lukewarm water indicates it is broken, a water temperature that is too hot also indicates a problem. Water temperature that is too hot is often due to a broken thermostat of your tankless water heater. Check the temperature of the thermostat and adjust if needed. A professional electrician should be called in to repair or replace a broken thermostat

Your heater makes strange noises when turned on

Whether it is a gurgling, hissing, groaning, or bubbling sound, if it is odd, it indicates that your tankless water heater is broken. These strange noises may be intermittent or continuous, and they may be heard during the first few moments when your heater is turned on. Strange noises from your tankless water heater indicate an underlying problem that needs urgent fixing. These noises can also be combined with other signs. If your heater makes any strange noise, perform a simple water heater troubleshooting by turning it off and back on. If the noises persist, call your plumber to look it over.

Reduced water pressure

Your tankless water heater transfers boiling water through the heat exchanger into the water supply to faucets in your home. Clogging of the heat exchanger and hot water outlets can cause a reduction in the water pressure. Hard water supply to the water heater is the main reason for clogging. The obstruction must be cleared and the source of clogging removed to fix the heater. A technician should be contacted to remove the obstructions. Installation of water softener will also prevent future clogging. 

Discoloration and bad odor water

Another sign your tankless water is broken and needs repair is discolored water. If brown, yellow, or tints of red discoloration are noticed in water from faucets when your tankless water heater is turned on, it indicates rust in the water heater, heat exchanger, or pipes carrying water to and from the water heater. Foul-smelling water also indicates rust, bacteria, or fungi accumulation in your water heater. In this case, the anode rod in the water heater may need to be replaced. A professional plumber is needed to fix the anode rod.

Calling in the services of a professional plumber, technician, or electrician as soon as these signs are noticed will increase the chance of easy repair and lengthen the life span of your tankless water heater.