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Grand Seiko Watches: Features, Models, and Brand History

Seiko watches are one of the most desirable in the world. Watches are a status symbol and are considered the ultimate accessories for both men and women. 

If you are looking for a significant investment, you shouldn’t look any further than Seiko Watches. For years, this has been considered one of the best choices for durable and affordable quartz watches. Seiko is a Japanese company known for making high-quality watches. 

Seiko is also renowned for its accuracy, being appointed as the official timekeeper at various sporting events, including different Olympic Games and World Cup soccer championships. Of course, this is not always the case. Seiko was not always a world-famous brand. They had humble beginnings and have grown over the years and achieved excellent results. 


The great history of Grand Seiko watches dates back to the 19th century. Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori became an apprentice at the age of 11. At the age of 13, he had an innovative idea that involved repairing watches. He worked in a watch shop and studied as best he could, and in 1881, he started a business at the age of 21. Kintaro Hattori imports watches from foreign trade companies in Yokohama and sells them in stores. He had a good relationship with commercial buildings as he paid all bills ahead of schedule, which was rare at the time. 

Thanks to good relationships, Kintaro can buy more orders and access goods than its competitors. With a wide selection of new and exciting products, this store became very popular, and the business started to grow rapidly. Seiko is known all over the world through media and celebrity endorsement. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver, and Novak Djokovic have worn various Seiko watches throughout Seiko history.

Grand Seiko Sports Collection

This model, the first chronograph in Grand Seiko history, is powered by the unique Grand Seiko spring-operated caliber that combines the power with the precision of a quartz watch. It has a precise chronograph function and a power reserve of up to 72 hours (3 days). The movement of the original Grand Seiko gear shift mechanism can also be seen on the blue steel chronograph seconds hand. 

The chronograph uses a Ready/Start button with the cover half depressed to reduce errors and ensure proper starting. The buttons are designed to provide a pleasant click with sufficient resistance. This sports watch comes with an automatic dial. The case of these Grand Seiko watches is silver-toned, which is another excellent addition to the wristwatch.

The Grand Seiko divers watch is also a great addition to the collection. This watch is suitable for anyone interested in finding adventure. Some of the wristwatches in the diverse range have a unique illuminated dial. It also features a stopwatch and a timer. Some of these watches also have a depth sensor.

Other Notable Models

After a setback in the 1980s, Seiko returned to the business in 2003 and continued to innovate with the introduction of Spring Drive in 2005. The spring-operated movement that produces the continuous second-hand movement was developed in 1977 and first appeared in watches. Spring Drive Watch was released on September 14, 2005, and the next day. 

The GPS sundial was recently added to the Seiko series, contributing to the revolution of the Seiko Astron. Today, Seiko is as innovative as the Seikos of the past. This means that we will continue to innovate no matter what.

Where Are Seiko Watches Produced? 

Some of the straps are assembled outside of Singapore. Still, all Seiko watches are branded in Japan, Malaysia, China: A factor behind the high quality of these watches is that each configuration is controlled and monitored by Japan. 

Additional Features 

These Japanese watches are also known to have innovative features. Most of these watches are water-resistant up to a certain depth. There are also some models in ladies’ watches with the option of removable straps. These straps can be replaced easily if the original one becomes damaged. The prices of these watches range from the expensive high-end status symbol to the more inexpensive models. 


One of the best places to find a Grand Seiko watch is at an authorized retailer. It is also a good idea to check online, as many websites offer these watches. While the price for a Grand Seiko watch may seem steep, there are also higher-priced models. It is also good to ensure that the watch being considered is a suitable model, as many people do not purchase timepieces based solely on their cost.

Grand Seiko Watches are available in many different styles, colors, and prices and can be purchased easily. The extensive collection includes men’s and women’s watches.  A great deal of information about these timepieces is also available online if you would like to do personal research before buying one.