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Good Cheat Day Foods For Maximum Workout Effectiveness

If you’re on a strict diet and workout routine right now, your cheat day foods are probably the number one thing you look forward to every month! Sure, you can’t have them often, but when you do you want to pack in as many of your favorite foods as possible. 

And that’s something we feel very passionate about! Cheat days are great for accelerating your ability to shed the pounds, and help your metabolism go into overdrive when you really need to sculpt your body. So let’s make sure you’re getting the maximum effectiveness out of them. Here are some of the best cheat day foods to have on the menu. 

Cheat Day

Burger and Fries

Burger and fries is a good way to approach dinnertime on your cheat day, and we’ll start with it thanks to just how much you’ll look forward to a plate like this! Of course, use some good beef in your patty, but then you can drizzle all the sauce on that you want. Combine this with a good bit of salad – lettuce and tomato are absolute staples – and then dig in for a filling meal you’ll have again. 

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and pasta are both heavy hitters in the carb world, and that’s why they’re great for giving you a high energy hit in a short space of time. If you make the dough low carb, such as using wholewheat grain, you can even cram a couple more slices in without feeling guilty. And the pasta should be kept in a small portion, but the bacon, chicken, or cheese you mix it with can be enjoyed wholeheartedly. 

Chips and Dips

If you’ve still got a bit of room in your stomach on this cheat day, it’s time for a worthy snack. Some tortilla chips, a bit of cheese, and a healthy heaping of guacamole in the middle will go a long way to a hearty and filling afternoon food dip. There’s a lot of fiber in avocados, after all, and that’ll help to dial back the carb profile of the chips if you ‘accidentally’ finish off the whole plate by yourself. But don’t feel too bad here – the salt content of this plate can actually do wonders for your blood

Cookies and Ice Cream

Now it’s time for dessert! And cookies and ice cream are two good bets here. Ice cream on its own is great, especially if you eat vanilla flavor – light enough to keep your diet going but still an indulgent treat. But if you add some Thanksgiving treats and the like to the plate as well, you’ll have a real cheat day meal to dig into. And cookies are great hits of carbs that aren’t too heavy on your stomach, thanks to their bitesize nature.

If you want to have a killer cheat day this month, make sure you’ve got foods like these written down on your meal plan!