The Changing Face of the Van

There has always been a missing segment in the are of vans, vehicles made for hauling of everything big and small. Well, sometimes small. You see, for decades, manufactures sold the typical commercial vans in full size and larger formats, but for the smaller needs, people often relied on SUVs or (gross) mini vans. While the SUV would work, it was not necessarily the perfect hauler, and mini vans are, well, something unspeakable no man should ever be forced to drive, especially for work. Yes, you in the flower delivery mini van, we are judging your business.

What has been needed for these decades has been a smaller van, one to handle the city jobs, smaller deliveries, and start ups. A van with great miles per gallon, more than enough storage, and a small footprint. While alreadybuilt and sold for foreign markets, it was never thought that here, in bigger-is-better America, these small vans would work out. Well, they are all wrong.

RAM is helping to change the of the commercial van, to put in the spotlight a small commercial vehicle that still not only gets the cargo job done, but instills a bit of commercial confidence in the image itself. Gone is the need for the mini van with wrapped windows, and in is a professional, standard width van with more cargo hooks, nooks, pockets, and capability then I can remember in my dad’s work van growing up. And in front of the pack is the 2015 Ram Promaster City.

And it’s not just for the city. Having a Habitat for Humanity project scheduled, I loaded this van up and headed to the mountains to work on homes affected by the floods two years back, and even through he winds and climbs, the van never once sputtered with hesitation. While acceleration is not the best in the world, I am glad it’s not as I wouldn’t want my tools flying around the back as it is. And sitting in the seat for 2 hours each way was a breeze with the comfort and layout of the dash, and a bit of an overstuffed chair. The features are very easy to figure out, and in some ways, simple to fix in case of that common on-the-job oops.

Small vans, finally here, are staying, and I couldn’t be more excited. As we start to plan out smarted buys, ways to ship, and decrease of excess, there is no reason why we should be relying on the large commercial vans for small jobs. And opening up the segment with such a comfortable ride, one that outshines the rest, is the way to really make your place known. So, flower delivery companies and small time commercial workers, gone are the times to be embarassed of your ride, to lose confidence in an ever increasingly professional world. The 2015 Ram Promaster City is here to make it all better.