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Car Breakdown? Here’s What You Can Do

Although regular maintenance can avoid car breakdown, there are still possibilities of one or the other faults that may occur. A little knowledge about possible faults and how to handle them can be a lifesaver. So, what should you do if your car breaks down abruptly?

Assess The Situation/Basic Troubleshooting
The very first thing that you should be doing is to assess the situation. If there is no physical damage to your car, then most likely you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. Here are some things that you should check if your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

  • Check Spark Plug
    In most of the cases, the spark plug fails to supply ignition current to the chamber. This is the most common and the easiest thing that you can solve on your own. If you see carbon deposits, you can clear the head with the help of a filing tool. Otherwise, if there is any physical damage then you can replace it altogether. For this purpose, it is essential that you carry a spare plug with you at all times.
  • Inspect Fuel Lines
    The next obvious thing to do is check the fuel lines. First of all, you must check the fuel level in the tank. You can easily drag or tow your car to the nearest gas station and get a refill. Otherwise, for damage to the fueling system, you may need to visit a mechanic.
  • Check For Battery Signals
    A dead battery is another common issue that you can attend. Pay heed to the sound that your car makes when the key is turned. If there is a stuttering sound then most likely your battery is drained. You can ask the passing cars to help you jumpstart your car. There on you can take it to the nearest mechanic to get it replaced.
  • Make Sure That All The Fuses Are In Good Condition
    Another common fault that causes cars to break down in the middle of the road is a broken fuse. Check the fuse box for any such problem. In most cases, you would have two or more spare fuses in the fuse box. If there is a fault in any of the fuses, replace it with the extra one, and you’d be ready to go. If none of the above solutions work, its time you should call for professional help.
  • Calling For Help
    Calling for professional help is the last resort, but it is also the beginning of another phase. You’d need to sort out the right mechanic and get your car to the repair shop. Here’s how you can do it.
  • Explain The Issue
    The easiest way to contact the right mechanic is to visit your manufacturer’s website. Most of the car manufacturers offer roadside assistance. Experts at explain
    that companies are in contact with apt mechanics, towing services, and the service executives to make sure that your issue is resolved at the earliest. Make sure you explain the situation as much in detail as possible. Your mechanic would be able to help you resolve the problem over the phone is possible. Otherwise, they may ask you to share your location.
  • Share The Location
    If the mechanic fails to resolve your problem over the phone, they may send you
    roadside assistance. But, if you contact any of your local mechanics after searching on the
    internet, then most likely you may need to take your car to the repair shop yourself.
  • Demand An Estimate For The Repair
    Lastly, you must demand an estimate of the repair cost from the repair shop, regardless of whether you contact the roadside assistance or a private mechanic. This would surely help you compare your options. To sum it up, having a car breakdown is normal, but knowing the right way to tackle the problem can help you stay out of trouble.