What I Carry Daily

As our lives get busier and busier, there are often those objects we find that we need to carry with us all the time.  It’s not bad to have that comfortable bag ready to go.  As sites like Everyday Carry are designed to show off what we tend to bring with us everywhere, it shows the trend to have those go-to objects.  In some cases, the photos shown only have a few objects, while others show bags full of gadgets and other objects that, to me, might be a bit cluttered.  My favorite tends to be the journalists and adventurers who have their multi-use objects and very specific tools in their bags.  So I decided I would share what I carry daily for work, to stay connected and on task.

As I tend to stay busy and working even on the road, my everyday carry bag has morphed from just a laptop to even more, as I find that I am needing to stay flexible to what’s going on around me.  While this is just my work bag, and my camera bag is filled with a whole other collection of necessities, this is my everyday bag for work.  It’s a bit boring for now in terms of design (they did just open a new Timbuk2 store in Denver), the necessities are there.  So here we go with my daily bag:

  • Timbuk2 messenger bag
  • Leather legal sized notebook
  • Small daily notebook (like Moleskin)
  • 2 heavy pens
  • Stack of business cards
  • Chapstick
  • 2 external 2600mHa batteries for my phone (I’m on it more than I should be)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 with OtterBox
  • Charging cables for just about every device possible and USB power plug
  • Glasses cloth cleaner
  • Headphones.  Always have my headphones.
  • Work laptop: Dell E6230
  • Not shown is my iPad which is getting repaired, but always with me on the road

Interested in sharing what you carry every day?  Head over to the site Everyday Carry and submit.