5 Reasons Not to Give up Your Car Just Yet

So there are plenty of people advocating lower car usage across the world. It’s in order to reduce the effect cars have on the environment and also for personal reasons such as your financial situation. Cars are seen as expensive to run, so it’s a good idea to cut down on your usage of them or completely remove them from your life so you don’t need to worry about things like insurance and maintenance costs.

But in this article, we’re going to give five counter-arguments. We believe that it’s not quite time yet to give up your vehicle, and we’re going to explain why.

Cars are still the most reliable forms of transportation

Driving a vehicle can still get you further and closer to your destination than public transportation. Private transport might not be as reliable (and incredibly expensive) and using public transportation usually involves a lot of walking, transfer times, unpredictable schedules and so on. If you absolutely need to be on time then the best option is to drive a car.

Cars are fairly easy to prepare for

If you don’t already have a vehicle then you may actually find that it’s still fairly easy to pay for and prepare for one. You can read more about how simple it can be to pass your driving tests (which results in costing less to obtain your license) and you’ll also find that new drivers are pampered when it comes to insurance premiums and offers at car dealerships.

Cars are still safe to drive

With all the added security measure and features on vehicles these days, it’s actually incredibly easy to drive a vehicle and remain safe on the road. Of course, you’ll still need to practice things like defensive driving, but as long as you’re sensible on the road and have awareness of your surroundings, you’re going to have a very safe time on the road.

Cars can be surprisingly affordable

Cars are surprisingly affordable. Buying a used car is usually the go-to method of getting your first vehicle, but getting a new one can actually be a viable option now. This is because interests are often lower and you’ll have a much easier time repairing your vehicle. In fact, with all the latest automobile improvements, keeping your car roadworthy is easier than you think.

Cars aren’t worth their original sale price

Not even close! It’s estimated that a new car will lose around 19% of its value within the first year, meaning that if you’ve owned your car for some time, you’re probably not going to get much back for it. Add to this the cost of listing your vehicle and selling it, and you’re probably going to end up with a lot of additional costs that you never planned for. In short, your car probably isn’t worth as much as you think.

Giving up your car is a personal choice, but we firmly believe that it’s not quite the time to replace it entirely yet. Public transport is fantastic and bicycles are healthy alternatives, but they don’t make up for the convenience and long-term investment that a car can give you.