The Essential Timbuk2 Everyday Bag

Every person needs that one bag that they turn to for just about everything. Be it for hitting the road for fun or heading into a meeting, there needs to be that one turn-to bag that an fit the full bill. Now, that’s a difficult problem to solve. To find that one bag that will work for every situation is increasingly difficult, especially as life gets increasingly busy with more to do. And while there are bags out there that could work for most situations, to truly pick that everyday carry bag and not settle for something midocre.

This is not my first dive into a Timbuk2 bag, having owned up to this point 4 other bags that I had used for various other tasks over the past few years. My camera bag, my work bag, and even a bag just for carry-ons. These were the old days with the Commuter, and with the various sizes, I was able to have one for each main activity I was doing, but it got old pretty quick.

Then came the Command, the newest design messenger bag from Timbuk2, and it hit every point I needed right on the head. The new design maintains the classic Commute look, but with increased uable storage, hidden pockets, all packed up in a smart look that fits every setting I could think of. Needing a bag that not only worked for day-to-day commuting around the city, it fit perfectly as a carry-on with its TSA-friendly laptop design, and with enough pockets to pack up just about every gadget I needed, I never seem to run out of space. A bit taller than it’s older brother as well, the Timbuk2 Command bag sets a new standard of usability.


Packing this bag up to go is an ease, and even as I wander from airport to airport, I find that it’s distribution of weight on my shoulders even with two laptops, a tablet, a backup battery, a book, a small Canon camera, power cables, and who knows what else packed inside. And even with all this loaded up, I still have room for more. And this bag is not an overloaded, duffle bag sized messenger. Even as it sits inside the overhead bin, there is still enough room for my roller behind it. It’s an incredibly smart use of space.

Now, unlike the past Commuter, this is not a bag you have to worry about custom designing with different fabrics and stitching, but in my opinion, it does not need it. The bag looks fantastic right off the shelf. Available in a slew of different color combinations right off the shelf, the cloth used is soft and comfortable, has a very professional look about it, and stands out among the sea of copies hitting the road.

So there you have it – a bag for it all that looks smart, fits the necessities of the day-to-day, and is always within reach. The Timbuk2 Command is one of the best made, most comfortable messenger bags on the market.