Definitive Guideline to Purchasing Cigars Online

Are you searching for the perfect cigar? It’s quite easy to browse online and see various cigars on display. However, there’s a lot of space between you and the actual cigar. Now here lies the disturbing question. How will you select a winner? Below is a definitive guideline for buying cigars online.

1. Choose fresh cigars

You need to go through the product design and description section. It will enable you to know is the cigar gets kept in a humidor at a 70% humidity and 70 degrees temp.

The step is typically done to ensure the cigar remains in top-notch conditions. You need to look at the cigar’s branding. Always purchase cigars from trusted brands that are known to maintain fresh cigars.

2. Fast shipping 

When purchasing many cigars, including the Cuban cigar, you ought to check the shipping option. Here you get a chance to look at the shipping cost as well as delivery timelines.

You ought to look for the only online shop with the fastest delivery timeline. It will reduce the time the cigar will be spending on transit as well as out of the humidor. 

You need to check to see if the shipping option is within a week. 

3. Offer cigar singles 

Different online shops have various packaging for their cigars. You ought to choose an online shop that will provide you with cigar singles. 

Thus, you can get the time to taste a specific cigar at a time. It will allow you to know which brand to commit to starting purchasing the whole box.

You ought to try at least two cigars of a particular brand before making a final decision. 

Apart from tasting the brand, you ought to try various types of cigars. You are likely to find mild, sweet, spicy, or full-bodied cigars. It’s a time to find the ideal flavor that you fancy together with its corresponding aroma. 

4. Secure website

You need to place your cigar order from a site that uses SSL or data encryption technology. 

It will assure you that the information that’s passing through your PC or smart device and the website is secure. Thus, there’s no 3rd party who can interpret the message.

You must purchase your cigar from a reputable online store. The store should avail of its privacy options as well as terms of service whenever you are setting up an account using a password that contains both numerical and alphabetical letters.

5. Customer service

You ought to search for an online cigar store that has an excellent customer support system. You need a company that has an easy to access customer service support desk. They ought to be knowledgeable as well as friendly.

As you head out to purchase your cigar, including Cuban cigar, you need to check what’s on sale. It’s a great chance to get free offers, such as buying an original cigar for nearly half its price. It’s a fantastic way to try various brands of the cigar without spending extra money.