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These days, more and more of us are concerned with the experiences we have in life, and the things we leave behind, rather than the possessions we accumulate.

One of the major areas where this shift in interest has manifested, is in the world of travel – with more and more people heading out into the world at large, camera and notebook in hand, in search of adventure.

Any vacation can be uplifting and fulfilling. But there are specific reasons why you should consider going on a visit to a corner of the world you’ve never been to before – whether that means embarking on a South America travel odyssey, or strolling through the mediaeval city centres of Europe.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit a corner of the world you’ve never been to before.

Because it helps to put your everyday life into clearer perspective

Often, when we’re safely tucked away in our everyday home environments, we can easily find ourselves taking things for granted, and struggling to maintain a proper sense of perspective.

When you go to visit a place which is significantly different to your own home country, or locale, you are often put in a position where you can get a much clearer sense of perspective.

Not only are you likely to feel more grateful for the blessings you enjoy back home, but you may also be able to take a more objective view on your career progression, your life goals, and any problems that have been obsessing you in recent times.

Because the opportunity for adventure, and for collecting good stories, is high

One of the most satisfying things in life is to collect good stories – and maybe even turn our entire lives into good stories.

As humans, we naturally tend to think in terms of narratives, and we are all spellbound by good storytellers, with interesting and unique tales.

You can have exciting experiences, and pick up good stories in everyday life, certainly. But, when you are putting yourself in a radically unfamiliar environment, the opportunity for adventure, and for collecting good stories, is high – just as long as you approach the situation with the right mindset.

Because it’s better to experience things in person, than through a screen

These days, it’s a bit too easy to get all your entertainment, and excitement, through screens – whether those be computer screens, TV screens, or the screen on your smartphone.

It’s one thing to look at beautiful panoramic shots of a different country, from the comfort of your own living room, using the Internet. But, if you really want an authentic experience, you should absolutely push yourself to get out there and see things in person, instead.

When all is said and done, it’s better to experience the world in person (for the most part) than through a screen. So, do some exploring, and see what amazing panoramas await you. You’ll find that the perspective is completely different, and the experience is far more visceral, when you’re staring at an enormous mountain in person. But to really get the most out of these experiences, you need to reduce digital distraction and desensitisation.

Richard Melick
About the Author

Co-founder and Editor of I am a writer and photographer with global travel ambitions. I never shy from a new recipe, adventure, or experience. I write about what I love.

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