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How to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Child During Lockdown

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of many. Businesses and families have had to find new and innovative ways to engage in activities to retain some feeling of ‘normal.’ Children’s birthdays are a highlight of the year for little ones and their parents, so how can you plan a successful birthday party with restrictions in place?

Choose a theme

You should start by chatting with your child about what they love and want. Are they into superheroes? Do they love animals? Are they fascinated by cartoon characters? Gathering enough information will help you plan a party they’ll never forget.

If they have chosen an animal theme, cover the house with animal-inspired decorations. Make their birthday different from any other day. Get your child to help you decorate.  It will curb their excitement and keep them occupied pre-party.

You could bake an animal cake or get one made locally by a cake maker; not only will your child be thrilled with a special cake, but you will be supporting a local business.

If your child is interested in history, how about trying a medieval-themed costume party? They and their friends can dress up as medieval characters, such as knights, noblemen and women, royals or peasants, for fun. Decorate the venue like a medieval castle for authenticity. The kids are sure to love it!

Games & entertainment

Get the whole family involved in planning birthday games and activities. If you have the room, you could set up some musical chairs, a bowling alley, or some ball games in the garden. Choose games that you don’t usually play to fuel their excitement and feel special. You could even plan a whole house obstacle course or escape room for the ultimate home adventure.

If space is an issue, you could try investigating children’s entertainers. Many businesses have cleverly adapted to restrictions by moving services to the virtual world, and kid’s entertainers are no exception. If your child loves the wonder of fantasy, why not book an online magic show for an unforgettable experience that will keep your child mesmerized and engaged.

Virtual guests

Kids will most likely miss having their friends on their special day, but why not utilize virtual options and invite them to attend via an online platform. It may not make up for real-life interacting, but with a little thought and planning, you could get children involved in some games and quizzes.

Family members will likely want to see your child, too, so be sure to get them on board and meet virtually. If you have elderly relatives, try to give them a few Zoom lessons before the party so they can navigate the technology effectively.

If you can’t get everyone online on the day, ask family and friends to record messages or draw posters. Kids will enjoy reading them and be happy they are thought about and feel valued despite not seeing people. Better still, arrange a few close friends to drive by in the car and shout out their message; they’ll always remember that birthday party. You could even ask the neighbors!

Fancy dress

What child doesn’t enjoy a bit of dressing up! Be a kid for the day and get everyone involved in wearing silly styles! Kids will love seeing mum and dad running around in their favorite superhero outfits or a cuddly bear serving them their cake. ! Be imaginative and have fun with them.


What’s a kid’s party without painted faces and glitter. There are lots of online retailers that sell face painting kits; invest in one with ideas and instructions and be willing to have your face painted too! Kid’s love making mummy and daddy look daft.


If you’re all missing the great outdoors and the freedom to explore new places on holiday, you could set up camp in the garden. Pop up the tent, add blankets, pillows, and duvets for warmth. Take a picnic out there. Search for insects! You may even find some nocturnal wildlife if you watch long enough. Use torches and have some yummy food for snacks.


Instead of just presenting your child with their birthday gifts, make a game out of it. Hide them throughout your house and garden and write out some clues to find them. You could share the location with their online friends and get them to give your child clues. If you have zoom on your phone, just carry their friends with you.


Kids love to have a little boogie! Choose a playlist of all their favorite songs and blast it out for the party. You could even play some musical statues that their virtual guests can play too. There are lots of virtual prizes, stickers, and points you can arrange before the party to reward child guests on Zoom. Keep it simple you don’t want to be over-occupied with technology during the day.

Lockdown has proved challenging for many, and many of our children have adapted wonderfully. Show you care by throwing an awesome lockdown birthday party they’ll treasure years after the Covid crazy year.