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Femininity and Beauty

What is femininity? Its definition has changed over the centuries, with some advocating that it be developed, while others argue that it is an innate gender quality. Someone strives to become as feminine as possible all their life, and someone may be offended by such a characteristic. In any case, every woman wants to look beautiful, and well-groomed, for this they use all kinds of cosmetics, dermal fillers, visit massage parlors and go for manicures. Beauty and health are two components that always go together.

For a long time, there have been disputes about which character traits are considered feminine. Psychologists note that, according to current society, the signs of femininity are:

  • sensitivity
  • tenderness
  • softness
  • sacrifice
  • mercy

However, look at this list more carefully – do such traits necessarily belong to women? Actually, in the 21st century, we increasingly demand similar behavior from men – the feminist era wants to see partners in marriage, or simply in life, equally understanding, and ready for sacrifices and compromises.

What should you focus on when you want to be more feminine? For this, psychologists conducted a survey among a large number of men, and here are its results. So, the top 10 qualities that make us women:

  • confidence
  • communication
  • extraordinary
  • composure
  • tact
  • accuracy
  • mind
  • taste
  • mystique
  • striving for self-knowledge

As you can see, this top is quite different from the generally accepted standards. And the main difference is that, in fact, men associate femininity with sexuality much less than we all used to think. They still do! But it’s not the main criterion by which they choose their life partner. After all, femininity, beauty, and attractiveness are completely different concepts.

What else do men pay attention to?

There are also three basic criteria, according to which men will consider a woman beautiful.

  1. Aesthetic attractiveness of a woman. These are not standards of beauty, centimeters, and stereotypical norms, but rather her well-groomed appearance, the ability to take care of herself, a special aesthetic charm;
  2. Sexuality. This is an innate characteristic that should not be confused with vulgarity and minimalism in clothing. This is the presence of special sexual energy that is felt and perceived at the level of vibrations; it’s already like that: wether you have this energy or not. Although most women still have it, sometimes it is only necessary to reveal it and actualize it.
  3. Maternal instinct. This includes femininity, tenderness, warmth, and care. And no matter how old a man is, he still wants to feel the tenderness of a woman’s hands, her care, and her grace. It is by these qualities that many young men unconsciously determine whether they would like to see this girl as the mother of their children or not; it is these characteristics that determine whether this relationship will be promising and long-lasting or not.

Your health is also a part of femininity

Honest, intelligent, mysterious – and healthy! It is also extremely important for every woman. After all, good health guarantees a good mood, and any problems of the female body immediately leave their mark on your beauty. Even a problem that millions of women face every day – a headache – can get in the way of your femininity.

Many women strive to achieve perfection in everything from appearance to lifestyle. But perfection is not interesting. It’s like symmetry and asymmetry.

Symmetry is order, harmony, systematicity, in a word, perfection. But it is inanimate. Asymmetry is quite the opposite, but it is dynamic and the source of life. And perfection quickly gets boring. Perhaps that is why many masters of Chinese porcelain, the most perfect in the world, create not very even, but jagged holes on their lids when creating their masterpiece services, precisely because they know that perfection is not interesting. This is why a perfectly symmetrical Barbie doll could never survive being alive in real life because life requires asymmetry. So is beauty, internal and external, it should not be formulaic and correct, but individual and special. Beauty should be alive!