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Why Aren’t You City Hopping?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


The idea of remote employment and working from Portland one month, then Memphis the next is quickly becoming widely accepted. This is because almost all of the roadblocks to setting up a temporary life in a city have been removed in the last 10 years. Finding an apartment, getting around public transit, and locating the city’s best foods have all made temporary moves easy to accomplish. All the hassles of moving around have been solved. All the hassles of setting up a new life in a new city have been solved. The only thing left unsolved is your excuses not to do it.

Let’s be honest, remote work isn’t a vacation. You need a stable base to work from during your productive hours, but you still want the novelty of a new location during your off hours. That’s why staying in one city for between one to four months is ideal. Finding these kinds of leases certainly isn’t impossible – from landlords who specialize in this, splitting a lease with other city hoppers, or taking over the remainder of a lease for someone who desperately needs to move for one reason or another. All it takes is a little sniffing around the cities forums, want ads, and landlords.

Once you’ve got your pad, it’s time to settle in. First stop is turning your new shell into a livable space. CORT Furniture Rental can set up your pad, and they have furniture for any situation/room covered so your new dwellings can be up quickly after you arrive in a new city. You can rent furniture for any sized apartment and any length stay and when it’s time to pack up for the next adventure CORT takes everything back and you can spend time getting ready rather than dealing with craigslist buyers or hauling everything to a donation center that will hopefully take everything.

After you’ve got a home created, Lyft or public transit will get you around town, and most times a local library card will get access to local newspapers, magazines, and websites to keep you up to date on your new home. Finally, the local Reddit sub will be invaluable as you get your bearings and can get you acting like a local in no time.

Once you finally do go “totes loc” and get bored, just divest from all your temporary obligations and move on the next great city. There’s no reason you can spend your 20’s or 30’s getting to know the country one city at a time and racking up a nationwide network of friends and colleagues. So what are you waiting for?


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