Be Your Own Barista At Home with These Coffee Making Tips

“Hey, can we meet up for coffee?” This statement has helped heal many souls, mended broken hearts, and multiple sealed million-dollar deals around the world these streets. Being one of the most popular drinks, there’s no reason anyone wouldn’t be interested in knowing how to fix a great cup. This is not to mention the numerous benefits of caffeine, including boosting energy levels, enhancing concentration, boosting immunity, and promoting weight loss, among others. Make-ups and business meetings are done over a cup of coffee and boom, things fall in place. The caffeine in coffee seems to be such a vibe for many all over the world. What’s more, it comes in several different flavors and aroma; you can be spoilt for choice!

But forget the latte cup you buy at the restaurant across the street for a minute. What is more satisfying than being able to make a great cup of coffee from your own home kitchen? It’s more satisfying, affordable, and convenient. The good thing is that as long as you have a good coffee machine, there are plenty of useful resources online to help you make that cup of coffee just the way you want it. Whether it’s espresso, drip coffee, mocha, or French press, you can enjoy your favorite punch of caffeine from home without ordering it outside. Well, here are some coffee-making tips you might need to be your own barista at home.

1. Buy Great Coffee Beans

When shopping, it’s best to always carry the ‘quality over quantity’ mentality with you. Getting whole beans is better compared to grounded ones because it gives you the liberty to grind them at your preferred time. If you leave your beans ground, your coffee tends to lose its quality in terms of caffeine strength, taste, and aroma. Espresso beans are mostly considered the best, but you have a variety to choose from.

2. Invest In a Frother

What is coffee without that fine finishing of hot popping bubbles? To most people, a cappuccino without the foam is just a huge flop! A frother makes the milk lighter and forms the small bubbles you see in your coffee mug back at our favorite coffee joint. It’s not magic, it’s all in the wrist and you too can do it.

3. Get a Coffee Grinder

Since you’ll be your own barista, why not get a coffee grinder? When you’re able to grind your beans from home, you can have your coffee however you want it. How do you like your coffee? It all depends on the beans you use because different coffee beans have different levels of grinding. Every packet of beans is packed with instructions on how to grind it and with this machine at your disposal, you can grind only what you need so you can preserve quality.

4. Buy an Espresso Machine

You do not have to sweep your account empty to get yourself a high-end coffee machine. There’s a wide range of machines to choose from, including pocket-friendly and economical options. However, if you are looking for a coffee machine that can handle just about any espresso-based coffee, you’ll be better off with a heavy-duty appliance with multiple coffee-making features.

5. Consider Getting a Pour-Over Kit

How about a cup of coffee with all your specifications in mind? Your preferred temperature, brew time, water level, amount of milk, and sugar? It is actually a simplified version of a drip. This is the right appliance for that because it simplifies the approach of coffee making.

6. Invest In a Scale

Ever wondered why the coffee at the coffee shop hits differently? Well, the ingredient quantity is accurate! When trying to make the perfect coffee cup, it can be misleading to use a spoon to measure the amount of coffee. To up your game and become your own barista, get a scale. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the aggregation should be standard.

7. Get a Ceramic Canister

If you have to buy grounded coffee, always transfer it into an airtight container once you open the pack. This is because when exposed to air, coffee absorbs moisture and it ends up getting wet and sticky, eventually losing its “juice”. Always have it covered in a dark ceramic or glass container to keep the coffee fresh for longer.

8. Clean the Coffee Maker after Use

Last but not least, nothing affects the taste of coffee more than an unclean machine. Coffee beans produce some oil, which is often left on the various parts of your coffee maker after use. The next time you brew your drink, the oil will be picked up and mixed with the fresh beans, eventually affecting the flavor of your coffee. It’s best to create a habit of cleaning your machine thoroughly after every one or two uses.

It might seem like a huge undertaking, but indeed anyone can become their own barista at home. On top of the above tips, you can also consider flavoring your coffee with spices, steaming your milk, and using filtered water when brewing. It all gets better as you get used to it.