Cesar Kuriyama speaks at TED2012 - Full Spectrum. February 27 - March 2, 2012. Long Beach, CA. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED

How Attention To Detail Really Speaks Out To Readers

There are millions of blogs out there, why should anyone pay attention to yours? What matters most to the wider audience, character, trust, multimedia, vlogs to go with the blog? The wider audience is not your fanbase, they are a mixture of the curious. They have come across your blog because they have searched for something and the title of a blog post you wrote stuck out to them. Now they want to be satisfied. Attention to detail, supplying them with a creative experience, so they can imagine the picture you paint with your words is how they will become a loyal subscriber. This is especially true if you’re a travel blogger. The travel industry is one of the few that is definitely continuing to grow and will for quite some time. Therefore there’s a lot of money to be made, and also wasted. Consumers want you to give them the cut and dry details as well as the magical placements of your experiences.

Get the meat first

Say you’re trying to blog about your wonderful trip to Morocco, ask yourself if the wider audience want to know about what you packed in your suitcase or the initial logistics of your trip? Talk about what travel agency you went with and why. Name your ticket price but don’t offer guarantees that they will get the same price. Talk about what routes you took to the airport, whether or not you dodged traffic, what kind of quality the airport was like, and finally the experience you had with the airline. Get the meat of your trip out of the way first. This not only begins the journey you’re taking the reader on as they will experience it also, but your detail what and why you did something so they can understand your decisions more.

Aim true

Do not go on travels without knowing the brief history of the nation your destination is in, and of the destination itself. Far too often there are bloggers that try to speak around the fact that they pointed at a map and wherever their finger landed is where they chose to go. Have a reason why you’re traveling to this place. Do the ancient Greeks fascinate you? Do you have family ties in Finland? Why are you going to where you are? This will greatly help in your modern marketing strategy as clickbait is dead and gone, now it’s all about emotional marketing. With a masters in marketing online, you will fully know the importance and skill of research. Marketing communication research is one of the modules you’ll learn, as well as digital communication.

Be yourself abroad

Understandably you want to attract audiences to you personally. If they don’t personally care about you, they will always have a standoffish way of approaching your blog. Don’t be needlessly bubbly, and overly happy or positive. Always mentions things you don’t like or areas where a trip could be improved. The more critical you are of your own trip, the more the readers will trust you to give it to them straight. They’ll also value your positive words a lot more as opposed to becoming numb by the over-positivity all the time.

Attention to detail, scrupulously going over every aspect of your trip and giving them a reason to visit the same destination you did is all in the art of persuasion. Marketing skills are simply invaluable when it comes to blogging, as morphing into a rose in a meadow full of dull tulips, is what will make your successful.