Every Guy Should Know a Butcher

8 Friends Every Guy Should Have

Life is complicated. We are always pulled in a million different directions and it can often become overwhelming even for the most structured and productive of us. When life piles up on, its instinctual to turn to your friends for help. But is your high-school buddy, who can shotgun a Miller Lite like nobody’s business, really the best person to turn to for help? Or is he just the most available?

When you are busy and oversubscribed, efficiency is the name of the game. You can struggle and spend time figuring out something on our own, or you can turn to experts who can solve it in seconds flat over the phone. Businesses have these experts in the form of consultants. People have them in the form of expert friends. So here’s the 8 people every guy should know to make their lives easier:

  • Bartender – Being able to walk into a bar and order with just a nod or “the usual” is truly priceless. Having a bartender friend is your key to getting service, trying great cocktails, and impressing dates. Pro tip: don’t ask for free drinks and always tip your friend large.
  • Barber – You gotta look right, and there is nothing more aggravating than trying to explain your look or your hair’s quirks to a new stylist. Knowing someone who knows your style and preferences is key to getting in and out easily and looking fresh.
  • Butcher – Picking up some chicken breast or ground beef from the store is fine for everyday cooking and nutrients, but to really pick up your game and eat well you’ve got to find and befriend your local butcher. They will not only get you the best cuts and meats, but they can also talk you through how best to prepare your proteins and get the most out of the inherent flavor.
  • Lawyer – Shit happens. Don’t wait till you need a lawyer to find one. Ask me how I know. Just don’t annoy your new lawyer friend by calling them every weekend with drunk questions about whether you can get a DUI while driving a parade float or unicycle…
  • Doctor – Once again, not someone you want to try and find in an emergency. Knowing a doctor can keep you from making pointless visits to your general practitioner, and can even save your life from what you thought was just a gnarly mole.
  • Personal Trainer – Personal fitness is a realm awash in fervent opinions and few concrete facts. Everyone “knows” what’s best, and you need someone you can trust to steer you in the right direction and correct anything that could potentially lead to injury.
  • Mechanic – You should be working on your own car, but there’s a big difference between changing your oil and changing your clutch. You don’t want someone to do the work for you (what’s the fun in that?), but you want a friend with the right tools and knowledge to make it a fun experience rather than an ordeal.
  • Accountant – There’s nothing like the feeling on tax day watching everyone run around and panic while you sit back and congratulate yourself on filing your return in January. Having a bookkeeping friend can make this painless, and no one will work harder to find you deductions than someone you’ve got embarrassing stories of.

A word of caution: DON’T live your life on transactional basis. Stay away from just knowing people for what they can do for you, and only contacting them when you need something. We all know that guy. And hate him. Instead, build your own personal A-team – a group of friends where everyone knows what each individual is best at and collaborates to do amazing things.