Basic Things That Should Be On Your Grooming Kit

In this day and age, it’s no longer just women that care for their bodies and their grooming habits. Men are pretty much open to caring about their bodies too. More and more guys are starting to invest in the right grooming kit to suit their daily needs.

Understandably, not every guy knows what he needs for a grooming kit. If you are looking to make this hygienic stage in your life, then it’s a must that you come prepared and that you know what kind of tools you need inside your grooming kit. 

Here are the essentials every guy should have.

Shaving Razor

It’s not a no-shave November all-year-round so you need to make sure that your facial hair is always properly maintained.  Not everyone likes a guy with a full face of hair.

One way to do this properly is by investing in cut throat razors that make the job of shaving easier. We know what you’re thinking, why get a regular razor when you can get an automatic one instead?

What’s great about regular razors is that they are easier to handle. So long as you know what to do, you’ll be able to trim your facial hair in any length you want. While faster, it’s much harder to use electric razors because you have no full control of how much you’ll be taking off of your facial hair.

Shaving razors are great at helping you trim your beard wherever and whenever. Just make sure you get ones that are extra sharp so that your face stays safe.

Basic Skin Care Products

If you are always on the go and exposed to the outside, then it is a must that you always carry the right skincare products with you. Exposure to the outside without protection can result in various problems such as acne, dry skin,  and much more. 

The most basic skincare product you need to have on your grooming kit is a moisturizer. Men’s skin can dry very quickly especially when you are going out during the summer. A moisturizer for your face and your exposed skin will help you worry less about skin problems.

It’s also important that you carry a lip balm with you. Nothing turns off a girl worse than lips that are chapped. As guys tend to have dry lips mostly, it’s best to come prepared with your lip balm.

Aside from these, you should also invest in the facial wash, body creams, and sheet masks which can help you take good care of your skin. You’ll be surprised at how big a difference the right skincare routine makes on your overall appearance.

As some people have sensitive skin, it’s much better to consult with a dermatologist first before you use any products on your skin. Some skincare products are going to work well with your skin while others could potentially damage it. As such, professional guidance is a must.


Some people hate smelling guys who are drowning in a strong cologne or perfume. As such, it’s much better to keep your smell as neutral as possible. Part of your grooming kit should always be your preferred choice of deodorant or antiperspirant. 

One of the common problems people face when using deodorants is that these leave stains on their clothes. If your sweat doesn’t react well with deodorant, either replace your brand or opt to choose antiperspirant powders instead as these to leave no marks whatsoever.

You should bring yours with you during those hot days too. Even if your brand boasts 24-hour protection, it’s always better to stay safe and prepared.

Hair Care Essentials

Your hair is very important to care for as well. It’s the part that’s mostly exposed to the sun so it can get dry and flaky very quickly. Invest in a good bottle of shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair stays silky throughout the day. Ideally, you’d want brands that have anti-dandruff properties.

It’s also good to have your comb or brush. Brushing or combing your hair regularly throughout the day helps you avoid frizzles and dry hair. It’s not recommended to share your comb or brush with others so make sure to keep it personal.

Grooming should be an important part of your day. A grooming kit shouldn’t take up too much space on your bag so make sure to carry it around with you at all times. It’s not just because you need to look great to impress others, proper hygiene should be a standard too.