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4 Awesome Tools Every Car Enthusiast Should Have

Being a car enthusiast means that you are crazy about thriving on roads with your car for hours, away from everyone. It means that there is just you and your lovely car. But wait! What if your car stops working in the middle of your great solo drive? Obviously, you will end up in a mess. This is exactly why you must have fair know-how of car maintenance and the use of important tools. Even if this is not the case, you still need to learn tactics to fix your car. And it will definitely require some tools.

Have you ever thought about how much you are spending on the maintenance of your car whenever it crashes? Well, you spend hundreds and thousands of bucks. So, it is better that you already stash your garage with a limited collection of awesome car tools that will help you fix common car working problems.

Let’s make headway towards the list of tools every car enthusiast must-have in their garage.

First of all, you need to keep in your mind that these car maintenance tools don’t come at low prices. So, you have to look at the whole process of buying these tools as an investment.

Of course, $500 to $1000 is going to sound a lot, but they are just a few drops compared to the oceanic amount of money you normally spend on your car maintenance. Also, being a car enthusiast, you are expected to go for making this important purchase.

Here are the top 4 awesome tools for a car enthusiast:

1.    Universal Socket Set

The first and the most important thing that needs a permanent spot in your toolkit is the universal socket set. You must be wondering, why?

When you begin to work on any vehicle, it is really common to loose and tighten up multiple components under the hood. Moreover, roughly anticipating what parts of your car need to be tightened or loosened will never work out. This is exactly why you keep the universal socket set in the toolbox. Make sure to never risk stripping any nuts, bolts, and screws. A universal socket set helps you to make the correct adjustments. A power drill adapter socket will be the most suitable one.

2.    Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is one of the important tools you should own if you are a self-respecting car enthusiast. It makes rotating tires easier. A torque wrench helps the operator to tighten up the nuts and bolts to the correct position. There are several sizes available when it comes to buying torque wrenches. You are suggested to buy the one that suits your car the most. Also, make sure to evaluate your work before buying this tool.

Furthermore, if you want to know the performance status of your car visually, then you might need to use some digital tools as well. For example, the OBD2 tool. You may lookup for the best OBD2 apps for android to take your car maintenance to the next level. Every professional workshop has access to these tools now. You can get your hands at them today! Make sure to choose the right app.

3.    A Pair of Vise Grips

If you are the one who is up for fixing all sorts of car issues, then you must own a perfect pair of vise grips. This tool helps you update, grab, hold, and replace several parts of your car.

Have you ever felt like removing those tiny or rusty screws or nuts and the number plate? Vise grips set can hold onto anything quite powerfully. Make sure you buy a pair of vise grips with pivoting lower jaw. They cost a little more than the ordinary ones but are worth the money.

4.    Pair of Protective Glasses and Gloves

Apart from the above-mentioned tools, you may own many other tools as well. Other tools can be complex as well. Moreover, if you know about the oil that a car requires, then you might need to change car oil too. And to do all of these and much more than that, you need protective glasses and gloves to put on. Dust particles can flake off inside your eyes and the oil can get on your hands. This is why secure yourself with these tools.

Maintaining your beloved car is a huge flex for every car enthusiast. Also, who wants to spend so much on car repairs every now and then? Of course, no one. For such reasons, you need to gain proper knowledge on troubleshooting common car problems. Being a car enthusiast, you need to add the above-mentioned must-have car tools to your toolkit.