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7 Behaviors And Personality Traits That Characterize A Beta Male

The study of beta males is not new, but some people are still wondering what exactly a beta male is. A beta male is a man who has little confidence, feels powerless, and has a hard time expressing his feelings and desires to his partner. Here are 7 behaviors that characterize a beta male: 

Beta Male

1) They Avoid Conflict

Most traits we have now were formed in our childhood. If someone has bullies in their school and hasn’t been able to confront them, chances are they will have a hard time confronting people later on in life. A beta male dislikes conflict and in most cases will avoid it at all costs. He’ll do everything in his power to keep the peace. Unfortunately, this means that he’ll often bottle up his thoughts or ideas and internalize all of his emotions, which can lead to serious depression, irritability and anger issues

2) They Are Loyal

Another interesting aspect of beta males is their need to be loyal. The importance of loyalty and commitment are what means to be a beta male. If you compare the characteristics of a beta male and an alpha male, you’ll see that they are polar opposites. The alpha male is very confident, he likes being single, he has options if his relationship doesn’t work out, and is less likely to be faithful in a relationship. On the other hand, the beta male is not very confident, needs to be in a relationship, tends to get jealous easily, and has no problem being faithful.

3) They Aren’t Leaders

When someone else is a leader, beta males don’t have a problem being led. They often have a hard time taking control of a situation and will allow others to lead them just so they can avoid conflict. This doesn’t mean that he is a pushover, but sometimes his lack of self-confidence causes him to be less assertive than other men.

4) They’re Friendly

Beta males are known for being the friendliest people in the room. They’re always willing to help you out with your problems, even though they have plenty of their own. If you ever need them to show up to a party or event, they’ll be there in a heartbeat. Alpha males take care of their friends, but beta males take care of everyone else before taking care of themselves. If you need a piece of advice, a beta guy will be there for you.

Beta Male

5) They’re Reserved

This type of people has a hard time sharing their opinions. They’re afraid to offend others and might hold back their thoughts, ideas, and wants to avoid conflict. If you ask them what they think about something, in particular, chances are that they won’t tell you the truth because they don’t want to risk offending you or hurting your feelings.

6) They Don’t Take Risks

Beta males are known for being risk-averse. They’re always thinking about the consequences of their actions before they do something. Let’s say you ask your beta male friend if he wants to get drinks later tonight. He’ll probably tell you that he has too much work to do or that he can’t because his girlfriend is coming over tonight. Whatever he does in his life, he’ll always be thinking about the consequences of his actions first, and only then start thinking about how to achieve what he wants. Alpha males take risks, beta males just don’t.

7) They’re Dependent

The beta type is often insecure and likes to depend on his partner for advice, direction, care, and validation. They don’t know how to make decisions without getting external feedback first. If they ever disagree with their partner’s opinion or idea, they’ll start to doubt themselves and second-guess their choices. Alpha males on the other hand live for challenges and confrontation. They’re used to being in control of all aspects of their lives and don’t like depending on anyone else.

There are several types of male personality such as alpha, beta, omega, etc. Each of them has its own characteristics and behaviors. Alpha males can be easily identified because they are the leaders in every situation or problem they face, unlike beta males who are always trying to follow their leader or boss. It’s important to identify and understand the different types of men in your life. This article has discussed beta males, which are typically friendly but reserved. They don’t like taking risks or making decisions without asking for help from their partner first. Also, they don’t have a problem with following their leader and following their partner’s directions. Do you know any beta male who might fit one or more of these 7 criteria?