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The Best Male Bonding Activities

When hoping to bond with another male friend or acquaintance, choosing an activity you will both enjoy can be quite complex. Not all men these days ascribe to the usual ‘male’ activities that we might consider, but of course, there are better means to bond and worse ways to come to that decision.

It can also be important to consider how your social connection is playing out with said counterpart. For example, you may wish to spend some time in a casual setting with your boss, but enjoying a few beers together may not be appropriate. Perhaps you wish to stoke a little friendly competition to see the character of the man your sister is marrying, or maybe you just wish to connect with an old friend.

In the following advice, we’re going to offer you a couple of excellent bonding activities that platonic male friends may enjoy. After all, the strength of masculine bonds can be a worthwhile and time-honored measure of improving your life and can help you understand those male figures around you to a higher degree.


There’s almost nothing as easily conducive to good conversation than fishing. It might seem awkward at first, but sitting down on chairs at the comfortable side of a river and speaking about a project, about family, about life, about the future, while potentially catching an evening meal or simply studying the certain species of fish as a fun activity can be thoroughly entertaining. There’s something very peaceful about this process, and it seems to loosen the lips of anyone who partakes in it. To that end, you’re sure to find some mutual respect.


Golf is a thinking man’s game, and a great activity to talk while playing. You can take this process at your own pace, and armed with this TaylorMade m2 irons review you’ll be equipped for that process also. Golf can also allow for friendly competition that never seems overly aggressive or strangely primal, because it’s mostly the time you spend outdoors on the green that helps you both become a real winner. You can bet that many, many matters, good and bad, have been settled over the wonderful game of golf.

Craft Beer Bars

While we have stated that drinking is not the best way to bond with a boss, undergoing the artificial guise of drinking crafted and artisan products, such as craft beer, can help you come to a classier place to drink and to enjoy this process of sampling new items while also talking in peace. This can also help you avoid the rowdy after-work crowds as it’s rare than post-workday drinking is conducted at the classier or most artisinal establishments. Additionally, you can experience something new together, and it’s very important for you to be on equal footing if any real conversation is to take place.

With this advice, you’re sure to focus well on the best male bonding activities.