3 Surefire Ways To Get Your Family Road Trip Ready

The vacation season is well and truly upon us, and you may be thinking of the best way to take your family away on a break. Sure, you can head overseas but this is expensive, and you’re watching the pennies. Or you could have a staycation and do plenty of things in your locality, but this is a little boring. Instead, why not find a halfway house? The humble road trip is the ideal sort of holiday to while away the hours with your brood and spend some quality family time together. Forget social media feeds, smartphone screens and tablets, this is the sort of holiday that requires you to venture into the great outdoors and share new experiences. Take a look at these three sure-fire ways to get your brood road trip ready.

Get Them Involved

Don’t ever consider telling your older offspring what you will be doing on vacation. This will get their backs up and have them maintain a highly confrontational attitude towards any activities that you suggest. Instead, empower them to take some responsibility for the road trip and allocate them a day and a budget and tell them that they can organize some activities, the food and entertainment for that twenty-four hour period. By doing this, you are getting them engaged in the vacation planning process, they’ll be more excited about the road trip, and they will be doing what they want on the holiday. Allowing everyone to fulfil their wants from a vacation means everyone is willing to compromise when they have to endure an activity that isn’t really rocking their world.

Pick The Car

If your old banger on the driveway isn’t really road trip ready, it might be time to part exchange. Head to your local dealership and scour their used car inventory. Let the salespeople know the sort of motor you are looking for and see what they have on the forecourt. Look for a set of wheels that is spacious, has exceptional fuel economy, and has air con. These three aspects of your new motor will allow your family to travel in comfort and your money will stretch further when filling up at the gas station. An SUV could be perfect. Bigger than a hatchback, and a fun yet luxurious ride, these are great larger family cars.

Plot Your Itinerary

You should try and travel on the road for a maximum of two hours before having a break. This might just be a toilet stop, but some sort of rest to stretch your legs is vital. Try to plot out a skeleton itinerary complete with rest breaks and more extended sightseeing opportunities. While this is a road trip vacation, you don’t want to spend every waking moment in your car. Do things, meet new people, stay at hotels, wander along beaches, see city sights, try new cuisine and get outdoors. Being with your family on vacation is the perfect way to make happy family memories.

Get your family road trip read by following this guide. It’s vital that you get every member of your crew on board with the vacation so do everything in your power to exude enthusiasm and empower them to take some responsibility for their holiday.†