So you forgot about Mother’s Day

Despite all the ads, all the notices and hints from those around you, and even the huge line at the flower store on your way home Sunday, you forgot.  It could be that you were too busy, out of town, focused on the kids, or just strait up forgot, but you still managed to forget about Mother’s Day, and now you’re in the doghouse.

This is not the case where flowers and a card will make up for it.  Not in the least.  Remember, you gave your mom/wife those items when you forgot her birthday.  And your anniversary.  And last year’s Mother’s Day.  So it’s time to do something different, and as usual, the FactoryTwoFour team has put ourselves on the line to find the perfect fix.

Gourmet apples.  Yes, apples.  No, not ones from the store.  We are talking the caramel apples from Mrs. Prindable’s, little pieces of delicacy are amazing, coated in amazing ingredients, an easy win for any forgotten .

So here you are asking why caramel apples, and why these.  Mrs. Prindable’s hand-selects extra-fancy apples based on crispiness, juiciness, and size.  Each orchard-fresh premium apple is dipped by hand in creamy, smooth caramel cooked that same day.   We tried those apples that sit in the display case at the local candy shop, and our teeth can tell you that the difference in quality is there for sure.  In these cases, fresher are better.  They just don’t compare in quality.  Remember, you’re trying to make amends, not cause cavities and tooth aches.

You can order a box set of these apples as well, so they can be split up over a few days of enjoyment.  That box of chocolates you were eyeing while at the store wouldn’t make it a day, and even then, who actually feels good after eating a few of those.  This is an apple, the fruit of health and life, dipped in caramel and topped with a whole slew of toppings like nuts and chocolate.  The perfect mixture of health and candy.  No complaints of bad portions, dying flowers, or lackluster attempts.  Just delicious caramel and apples paired together.

So go and make the order, go all out, and let’s fix this together.  We may be perfect, but not always, and luckily Mrs. Prindable’s is there to help us stay out of the doghouse.