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5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

If you live in a hot country or work in a warm environment, investing in an air conditioner is crucial for comfort. Like any mechanical appliance, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance, so it doesn’t go wrong. But what are the benefits of air conditioning?


Firstly, if you live in a tropical climate air conditioning can be a lifesaver. When temperatures exceed 25%, Celsius productivity starts to drop, and you will begin to feel hot and sluggish and less optimistic about tasks. Overheating also exacerbates other illnesses and can cause death in some cases. Installing an appropriate AC system will ensure that the air is cool and humidity levels low. 

Asthma and hay fever sufferers are especially at risk in humid environments. AC allows windows to be shut, preventing pollen and other allergens from circulating around the workplace or home;  this reduces the risk of hay fever symptoms.  It can also lower indoor allergens such as dust mites that can trigger asthma attacks. 

To improve your indoor air quality, having an air conditioning unit will filter the air and improve the overall cleanliness of your space. Not only does AC benefit you physically, but mentally too. Being in a cooler environment helps mental alertness and has been linked to improving work efficiency. It’s also known to reduce stress levels because when we are overheated, our body exerts itself trying to keep cool.

If your workplace is in a busy area, keeping your windows shut keeps noise out, and suitable AC can help staff get less distracted and focus on tasks. 


Having invested in a brand new air conditioner, how can you ensure it remains in tip-top condition? 

Always keep information notes for your appliance; these usually have handy maintenance tips and diagrams to help you. If you’re not confident dabbling with anything mechanical you can always contact a reputable maintenance company. Reading and considering reviews about Billy Aircon, for example, will instill confidence in their services and give you peace of mind if you choose them for maintenance purposes. It’s essential to read other people’s experiences to be confident they are good at what they do.


Whether you use a company or do it yourself, it’s useful to educate yourself, so you know what needs updating. Changing filters is the number one priority and needs to be routinely checked and changed. Clogged and dirt-filled filters affect efficiently significantly and can pollute the air if not changed. It also takes up more energy, so it will cost more money to run. Depending on your specific model, some filters can be cleaned and reused, and others need replacing. Be sure to stock up on replaceable filters when you first purchase your AC product. 


The evaporator coil is the part of the AC structure that absorbs heat and how the cold air comes through. They’re usually made from copper or steel. If coils get dirty, the function is impaired, and less heat is absorbed. It will also increase energy consumption. It’s relatively simple to clean coils. Using a small brush will remove small amounts of dirt. If there is a more considerable accumulation, there are several industrial cleaning options online. 

Coil fins 

Coil fins rest on the condenser part of the SC unit. They are small metal slats that run along the exterior of the unit. Their job is to move warm air away from the unit on hot days. They look similar to the rotating part of a lawnmower. Like the coils, fins need regular cleaning using an AC fin comb which is delicate enough to remove dirt without damaging the fins. 

Fins are also prone to getting bent if any debris gets onto them. Gently straightening them out will help them work more effectively. 


Keeping the area around your AC system is crucial. It may be tempting to try to cover them up to make them a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but this is counterproductive and will slow your system down. Cutting down bushes and plants near your unit will limit debris from getting stuck in your unit and affecting efficiency.

Air leak 

Air leaks occur when air is not passing through the event as it should; This usually happens due to clogged air filters or frozen coils so should be dealt with as above. If you find the filters aren’t the cause, then you may have a low refrigerant charge that will need a professional to fix. There may also be a problem with the pumps and tubes. 

Maintaining your air conditioner should be high on your list of priorities. Fixing issues as they happen may very well prevent more severe and costly problems later on. If your aircon is on business premises, it’s essential for the staff’s comfort and safety to have an efficient AC unit. Stay cool everyone; summer is on its way.