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How to be Properly Prepared for a Camping Trip

Raw nature can be so amazing. At the same time, it can be deadly if you don’t know how to act in challenging moments. Enjoying camping means going out prepared. If you think you can handle nature with your bare hands, you’re lying to yourself.

Going camping means you need to take several items that will be helpful in many situations. The stove and the coffee blender are not essential, as you see in social media influencer images. These people carry a team of professionals behind them to take one photo.

If you’re going camping or hiking at night, you need to be adequately prepared for the challenge because you can never know what might happen out there. In this article, we’re talking about the essential items you need for these moments. Read on, and see what they are.

1. Carry a camping knife that’s easy to use

The knife is the essential tool for the wild, and you must have one. In the wilderness, your life may depend on your knife. Not because someone or something will attack you, but because the knife is essential for cutting rope, making fire, chopping off tree branches, and so on.

Not just any knife will do, though. You must have one that you’re used to. Always have a knife that feels like an extension to your hand, rather than any piece of sharp metal you’d call a knife. If danger strikes or you need to react fast in a situation, you must feel comfortable holding that knife, or else the moment may pass to get the job done properly.

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2. Pick a professional military flashlight

The flashlight is another essential item you must have on yourself when going camping, hiking, or doing anything outside during the night. Having a bright light with you will help you get things done, see where you’re going, and even keep predators away.

Pick a flashlight that will be powerful and long-lasting enough. You want something with a lot of lumens and as durable as it can be. The best ones are called military grade flashlights, and they will light the way in the distance and make it look like broad daylight. Don’t get cheap versions of flashlights that are simply not good enough.

3. Always keep camping matches in a dry case

It can be a hot summer and no chance for rain, but you should always place your matches in a bag that will be dry and safe from the environment. Find a plastic bag that won’t allow water to go through even if you pour a glass over it.

Aside from avoiding a chance for an accident, you can never be sure about the weather. Summers are unpredictable, just like any other season, and sudden water splashes occur. If you get your matches wet, you won’t have the chance for a campfire and spend the night freezing.

4. Extra batteries for your smartphone are highly valuable

Your smartphone is an essential tool in nature. You’re not carrying with you to play games in the mountains, but to find your way. GPS apps help you locate your position, and an emergency call can save your life in case you’re in danger.

The only problem is that these gadgets waste the battery in a day or two, depending on the smartphone. If you use the apps frequently, they might not last a day. That’s why saving the battery and always having a backup battery are wise moves. Switch the exhausted one with the new one, and you’re good to go for another day or so.

5. Wear camping clothes

As we mentioned above, weather can be unpredictable, and you never know when rain may show up. Wear waterproof clothes just in case, or if it’s too hot to wear them, have them packed in a special compartment. If there’s rain, take them out, put them on you, and you’ll be safe from the water.

6. Keep a few extra energy bars in your pockets

When you’re out there, you can’t be sure about what’s going to happen. You may need to spend another night because you can’t get home as fast as you planned. Instead of wandering around and looking for berries, you can take an energy bar out of the backpack and be sure that you’ll last through another day.

Energy bars are a true friend of every adventurer enjoying nature and the great outdoors. These energy bars are made to keep you going for hours. They have stored energy inside them to replace an entire meal, yet they are small and lightweight.


Going on a camping trip in the wilderness means packing these six items with you. They are literally essential, and not only can they be helpful in given situations, but they are items providing the perfect outdoor experience. Always have a knife, flashlight, dry matches, extra batteries, waterproof clothes, and energy bars with you. That’s the key to great time spent outside.