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5 Fly-Over States You Should Totally Fly To

Some US states are less visited than others. These less visited states are mostly located inland away from the coast and are sometimes referred to as ‘fly-over’ states – as most people fly over them while trying to reach other states.

Many people assume that there is nothing worth seeing in these parts of the country. However, many of these states are actually underrated when it comes to the attractions on offer. Below are just five examples of fly-over states that have a lot going for them, and why you should make them the destination of your next flight. 


A trip to Oklahoma can give you a true taste of the wild wild west. Cowboy culture is rife here and you can explore all kinds of cowboy-related exhibits at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The state also has a rich Native American history, which you can learn all about at the First Americans Museum

The iconic Route 66 also runs through Oklahoma and some of the coolest and wackiest roadside attractions can be found in this state. From the giant blue whale sculpture of Catoosa to the totem pole park in Chelsea, there are all kinds of things to see if you’re planning a road trip here. 


Beyond KFC, the thing that Kentucky is most known for is bourbon. Whisky lovers flock here from all around the world to explore the Kentucky bourbon trail where many famous distilleries can be found. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy driving around the state, you can stay in Louisville and check out some of the best Louisville distilleries.

Another great reason to visit Kentucky is the caves. Did you know that Mammoth Cave, the world’s longest cave system, is located in Kentucky? And that’s just one of Kentucky’s many caves that you can explore. 


Idaho is full of impressive natural wonders. It’s home to Shoshone Falls – a waterfall that is taller than Niagara Falls! You can meanwhile explore a volcanic landscape at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve and feel as if you’re on the surface of the moon.

The hot springs of Idaho are another big attraction. You can relax in these natural hot tubs and take in the dramatic scenery.


St Louis in Missouri is a city that ought to be on more people’s radar. On top of being home to the tallest arch in the world (Gateway Arch), the city is full of other unusual sculptures. It’s also a great place to try craft beers and St Louis style pizza.

The Missouri river wine trail is another attraction worth visiting Missouri for. Here you can take a paddle boat along the river and try out some of the great wines of the region.

West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the best states for exploring Civil War history. The state was famously split during the Civil War and there are many battlefields that you can explore here accompanied by tours and museums. The state is also renowned for its impressive mountains (hence why it’s nicknamed The Mountain State). If you love mountain trails, this is definitely a state worth visiting. You can even take on a small section of the Appalachian trail.