The Top 10 Best Car Gadgets in 2023

Whether you’re driving the latest car, or prefer building your own ride from second-hand parts, it’s always fun to kit it out with the latest car gadgets. At the end of the day, these technological innovations really add something to the driving experience. Sometimes the best car gadgets for your ride are about making your life easier on a daily basis, and other times it’s about having a little luxury on the way. Don’t forget about those additional features that help to improve important issues as well such as safety and sustainability. If you’re looking to spruce up whatever car you drive, here are some of the most popular car gadgets in 2023.

Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto gives you all the advantages of having with you Alexa in your car. These car gadgets connect your car to Alexa on your smartphone giving you access to everything through your car’s speakers. Additionally, there are also eight microphones included which can hear you no matter the volume of the background noise on the road. It’s also a much safer option because you can access everything using voice activation.  

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Dash cam

Nowadays, a dash cam is almost an essential addition to any vehicle. Why not keep track of your journey just in case there are any unfortunate incidents? Having safety features such as a dash cam could even help you reduce your insurance premium. If you want to feel safer and more secure on the road, it’s one of the best car gadgets to invest in. Here are some of the most popular dash cams in 2023


Nanopresso is less about safety and more about luxury unless, however, you feel tired driving as then you’ll have instant access to coffee. With a nanopresso, you have a portable espresso maker you can take with you anywhere, including in your car. This pocket-sized coffee maker can pump fresh espresso, so you won’t have to drink that gas station coffee again. There’s actually no battery or charger, it’s all hand-pumped by converting the pressure. It involves a lot less waste in terms of energy and money, so all in all it’s an eco-friendly device.  

USB Car Charger

Trying to survive on the road with no phone battery is not ideal. Every car needs a decent muli-port USB charger. There’s a huge range of these that conveniently sot into the 12V cigarette lighter socket, you’ll have all the battery you need for your journey. The great thing is USB car chargers are forever being made better and more powerful. Here is a selection of the latest USB car charger in 2023 for you to choose from. 

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is a perfect little contraption for the more absent-minded of you. It’s essentially a cost-effective tracker for everyday things, including and not limited to, car keys. The Bluetooth range is 200 feet and it has its own for your smartphone. You can also get them in groovy, colorful designs and patterns. You can even find your car if you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked, for example. If you place the tile somewhere safe in your car you can track it with your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting where you’ve parked again. 

Thule Motion Roofbox

Thule Motion Roofbox is a state-of-the-art roof carrier for all your sporting goods and larger items. Its optimized design is for maximum space efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle fit. It’s also quick and easy to mount on to almost any vehicle. It’s secure too with a slide locking system, keeping your belongings safe and sound. It’s designed to fit towards the front of the car so that you will have full access to the trunk at all times. The idea is to increase your storage space, not cover it up.  

Car Vacuums

It’s time to take better care of your vehicle, inside and out. Your car needs a decent clean every once in a while. A car vacuum is perfect when you’re on the go. You can clear up all those inevitable drive-through spillages in seconds. There are plenty of innovative new mini models of car vacuums that are ideal for stashing inside the car. Check out some of the best car vacuums in 2023

Portable jump starter

In case your car runs out of battery for any reason, a portable jump starter can be a real lifesaver. Bring your car back to life with the best jump starters in 2023. Everyone’s accidentally left the lights on or run the battery out. With a portable jump starter, this is a problem of the past. Jump starters are no longer cumbersome items that take up your entire trunk. Now, powered by lithium batteries, they don’t even need to be much bigger than a spare battery pack for your phone. You can resuscitate your car battery from anywhere almost as easily as charging your phone. Portable jump leads are also relatively inexpensive. 

Autoglym bodywork, wheels & interior collection

Autoglym products are some of the best for cleaning products for your car. It’s time to give your ride the sprucing up it deserves. It’s important to stay on top of car maintenance otherwise this could lead to expensive repairs later. If it’s more than just a quick clean you’re after, take your vehicle for a professional at Bokan Auto Service Center. This way, you’ll know it’s getting the proper maintenance it needs. 

AA Emergency Winter Kit 

Last but not least an AA Emergency Winter Kit might be exactly what you need when the seasons change. You can rest assured you’ll be safe on the road with all the necessary emergency items. The kit includes a compact folding snow shovel, 9-LED torch, foil blanket, high-vis vest, snow and ice grips, rain poncho, and a set of booster cables. These items are all conveniently packed into a compact carry case. 

These are just a few of the best car gadgets your ride needs. They will not only bring your vehicle up to the 21st century, but they should help to improve your driving experience.