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7 Vital Things to Do Months Before You Give Birth

Whether you are a new mom-to-be or you are expecting to give birth, you know that pregnancy can be a very stressful and emotional time. There is no denying that having a new baby is a blessing but it can also be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. One of the things that pregnant women usually stress over is the preparations and things that they need to take care of before the baby arrives. However, you need to take a breath and relax, you have enough time to get everything ready, you just need to know what the most important tasks are so you can start preparing for them early on.


Take a Childbirth Class

If this is your first time giving birth, then you probably have read books about labor or asked a friend or a family member about it. However, it is important to be prepared for the big day so it will benefit you to practice some techniques like breathing and relaxation with a professional. Moreover, you are probably nervous about the birth, and you have dozens of questions so talking to a professional will definitely ease your mind. 

Buy the Baby’s Essentials

It is important to purchase all your baby’s needs and test them before they arrive. It is normal to be tempted to buy dozens of things but remember less is more and you should focus on the essentials like a crib and a car seat. You should make sure that you choose the best of everything for your baby and you can learn more with Mommyhood101 about tested and reviewed products so you can make the best decisions. In addition to that, you should also assemble all the items that need assembling because you won’t have time to do any of that when the baby arrives. You don’t need to look at this as a chore because decorating your baby’s nursery is an enjoyable and happy task.

Choose a Pediatrician

You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to find a pediatrician as it may take you some time to find someone that you are comfortable with and can trust. You can ask friends or family to recommend one for you, or you can go online and search for pediatricians in your neighborhood and read their reviews. Picking a doctor early on is going to ease your mind so that the first thing you can do after giving birth is scheduling an appointment with them. 

Pack Your Bags

You can never know exactly when your baby will arrive, some people have their baby a month or two before their expected due date. This is why you should pack a hospital bag for you and your baby a couple of months in advance. Make sure to put your bag somewhere you can remember and is easily accessible so when the moment comes you or your husband can easily find them. Some people put their bags at the door so they can quickly grab them on their way out.

Discuss Your Delivery Options

It is extremely important that you discuss your delivery plans with your OBGYN. Many doctors tend to have admitting privileges at different hospitals, you should discuss with your doctor which hospital is the best option for you. In order to avoid any surprises on that day, you should also go over your birth plan with your doctor like medications, interventions, or inducing options, so you can be sure that you both are on the same page.


Prepare Freezer Meals

You should prepare freezer meals weeks or a month before your baby arrives, as this will ensure that you eat healthy meals after giving birth. Your friends and family will probably bring you food but you shouldn’t rely on that, as a matter of fact, there are many recipes that you can easily prepare and can be frozen and reheated later. Most parents tend to only care for their babies and forget about their own health but it is important to make sure that you eat balanced and healthy meals for yourself and your baby.

Arrange Care for Other Children

If you have other children or pets, you should arrange for a babysitter or a family member to care for them when you are in the hospital. Make sure to write down all the important details that they may need to care for your kids and your fur babies like their schedules, medications, and routine and give it to the caregiver. This will make their job a lot easier and will bring you peace of mind. 

There are so many things that you need to prepare for before your little one’s arrival. That being said, things can get hectic and overwhelming if you decide to do all of them last minute. This is why you should prepare a list of priorities and start taking care of everything months before the baby arrives so you can avoid any stress and have an easy-breezy pregnancy.