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7 Interesting and Fun Facts About Social Casinos

Social gaming is very popular at the minute, and it’s not hard to see why. People around the world are struggling to pay bills, buy food, and power their homes. The cost of living crisis is unlike anything experienced in generations. Because of this,  people are no longer able to play at traditional casinos. Social casinos provide a fantastic alternative to traditional ones, though.

If you have never played one before, then as long as you like casino games, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Here are some interesting facts about social casinos you might not know:

Social Casinos

Social casinos, or sweepstakes casinos, are just like ordinary casinos, except instead of using money to play, you use tokens. You can buy these tokens with real cash, making social casino sites freemium sites, or in other words, free-to-play with the option to pay-to-play. In the words of pros over at, there are many different social casinos to choose from, all with their own unique benefits. If you plan on trying social gaming out, make sure that you use a casino that has good reviews, a good reputation, and a huge game selection.

Winning Prizes

When you play at a social casino, you do not win real money. However, on some, you can win real prizes. The prizes that are winnable vary from casino to casino. In some casinos, they are vouchers for sites like Amazon, and in others, they are real, tangible prizes. It is important to note, while winning prizes is possible, for most players of social casinos, it is not the objective. Social casinos are just a good way of having fun. When you win, you get more tokens or gold coins. When you have enough, these coins can be converted into prizes.

Player Interaction

Social casinos aren’t all social gaming has to offer, however. There are some games offered by social gaming sites that have absolutely nothing to do with gambling of any kind, i.e., they are not gambling-related games like roulette, blackjack, or poker. In games unrelated to gambling, social interaction is possible. In other words, players can network and communicate with each other. The ability to interact with other players is partly why social gaming is as popular as it is. It’s nice to be able to make friends and communicate with others when you are playing video games.

Dealer Games

While in the previous section reference was made to the fact that social games where players can interact tend to be unrelated to gambling, that is not always the case. Some social casinos host live dealer games. These live dealer games usually have chatrooms and lounges, where players can interact with each other. These live dealer games provide people with a place to network with each other and have fun while earning gold coins and tokens. Again, live dealer lounges can be an effective place for people to make friends. During the pandemic, they were especially popular, due mainly to the fact people were locked down at home and unable to go out.

Game Selection

Another advantage of social gaming is that when you play on a social casino, you are usually given access to a much broader range of games than you would if you were using a traditional casino. The huge selection of games that you can get access to makes it a lot more fun for people. If you plan on taking up social gaming, then make sure that you select a site that offers lots of different games. A broader game selection gives you more choice and control over what you choose to play.

Convenient Access

Social gaming sites give you more convenient access to games. Some casinos only offer live games, and therefore, can only be used at certain times. Social casinos have a mix of live games and automated ones, which means that you can play regardless of what time it is, or what day it is. The convenient access to games also extends to the fact that the games offered by most social casinos are very easy to learn to play. Because you are not playing for real money, it means you can practice, make mistakes, and become better without fear of losing cash.

Widely Legalised

Finally, social casinos are widely legalized, even in places where gambling is strictly prohibited. In the United States, it is legalized in all states. If you plan on trying out social gaming, make sure that it’s legal where you live before giving it a go.

Social gaming can be an effective way of having fun. If you earn enough tokens, it can also be a good way of winning prizes. If you have never tried it out before, then why not give it a go? You are bound to have a good time.