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4 Ways To Bulk Up

How many times have you looked in the mirror at the gym and wished you had more muscle? Gaining muscle may have looked easy when Popeye did it, but really it’s quite a challenge. It takes the right combination of things to bulk up, and there is a science behind it. Building muscle is based on your hormones and training, diet and circumstances, and there are a lot of men out there who do not get this combination right – not the first time, at least. They don’t see the progress that they want and they give up, which is unfortunate but it’s what happens when the science is not yet applied. 

For example most men are unaware of the link between carnosine and beta-alanine. They’re unaware of how their bodies could build better muscles far faster with beta-alanine, and it’s important to know this if you hope to make a difference to your physique. Below, we’ve got a few tips on how to bulk up faster and help you get it right this time.

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  1. Go Old School. A lot of new training styles that have become very popular like circuits and high-intensity workouts give you little rest between sets and are great for weight loss. However, if you want to make your muscles bigger, you should consider strength training and go back to resting between sets. When you take your time, your body gets stronger and you can build your strength, eventually able to lift heavier for longer.
  2. Remember Your Carbs. Protein can help you to build muscle, and it’s the most important macro of the three key ones (carbs, fats, proteins). However, carbohydrates will increase the glycogen in the muscles and this offers you more energy in the gym. You can lift more for more reps and becoming stronger is the key way to help those muscles to grow.
  3. Reduce, Or Cut, Your Cardio. You must eat enough calories to be able to gain the muscle weight if you are looking to bulk your muscles, and that means cutting down the cardio. Why? Well, cardio is an effective weight loss tool, but it’s not particularly encouraging for bulking up. You can still enjoy cardio, but consider that you may not bulk your muscles with it. You can mix up your usual strength training with a cardio session a week but make it something fun like dancing or a sport you like.
  4. Lift, Eat, Lift, Repeat. Eating and lifting go hand in hand. You need to stop skipping meals or relying on eating like a bird with few snacks. Plan bigger meals in the day and eat your calories in a well-balanced manner. As you eat and lift, you’ll notice the changes in your body pretty quickly. 

There doesn’t have to be any more excuses to not bulk up. Once you work out what works for you, you’ll be adding more muscle in no time at all. Stick to your workout routines and if you’re at the beginning of your workout journey, get a trainer!