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Is the Merkur The Perfect Shaving Razor?

Not all razors are equal. They are different construction and blade composition, which provide different qualities of shaving. Other factors that influence the design of the shaving razors are:

Unreal Expectation

When it comes to deciding the correct shaving razor, there will be some mistakes. No one expects you to buy the perfect razor the first time and stay loyal to it for the rest of your life. It’s perfectly alright to browse the razor market before coming to a conclusion. The same goes for aftershaves, shaving cream, and shaving agents.

You can browse online for blogs and customer reviews before purchasing the Merkur Razor. However, this does mean you can limit the search. Decide which shaving tools work for you and which do not. You can factor in the brand objectives, the number of blades, and the type of blades to reach the correct conclusion.


Since shaving razor is a commercial commodity, standard economic practices apply to them too. The better the handle’s quality, construction, and blade, the more expensive the razor will be. But even if your razor is expensive or cheap, you should replace the blade after three to four shaves for hygienic purposes. The same goes for the Merkur Razor.

A dull blade will provide uneven grooming with razor cuts and a burning sensation. This does not mean you should go straight to purchase expensive razors. Do some trial and error. A few gems are certainly present well within your budget if you know where to look.


The shaving industry is very competitive. Products are abundant, and you are unsure where to look. If you have sensitive skin and go for coarse stuff, you will suffer from red skin and irritating patches. Moreover, if you have dry skin and purchase products available for oily skin, the shaving products would skip the skin. 

Shaving razors are available within every price range with plastic or metal holders. Merkur Razor accommodates sensitive skin and thick hair, oily skin, and coarse here. Knowing what you want, alongside your budget, can significantly narrow down your search.

Tricky Facial Curves

Since the contours and curves of the faces can be tricky to shave, it can be very challenging for men. When it comes to picking the correct razor, it must be sharp and painless. You can prepare the Merkur Razor by dipping it in water so the blades provide smooth shaving. 

Some companies provide razors with multiple blades, as far as five blades. You can experiment with them to figure out which you would prefer. You can use Merkur 34C for the face and tackle the curly hair with an electric razor. The rest you can remove by either threading or using a pair of tweezers. Yes, that will sting, so stay prepared.

The Final Thought

A shaving razor can be your best friend or your first enemy. Imagine going for an interview or a board meeting with a horrible shave. We dress to impress, so the perfect razor is worth the find.