2017 Ford F-150 King Ranch

4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Ford Vehicle at a Certified Dealership

With rising inflation, people everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs—and many turn to third-party mechanics for their automotive maintenance needs. While certified service comes at a cost, it offers benefits you won’t find in a corner repair shop. Here, we outline the benefits of certified Ford service at a local dealership.

Factory-Trained Technicians Who Know Ford Cars, Trucks, and Sport Utility Vehicles

While any mechanic can say they’re qualified to work on your vehicle, the certified technicians at a royston service center know Fords inside and out. Not only do they offer scheduled maintenance, but they can also identify and resolve issues before they become unmanageable. With help from certified technicians, you’ll keep your Ford on the road longer—and you’ll get a level of service unavailable anywhere else.

Advanced Equipment

Ford dealership service centers are filled with state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment. Technicians have access to the latest technology, which allows them to diagnose problems accurately and quickly. When customers rely on dealership service, they always know what to expect.

By comparison, independent shops may not have the equipment needed to diagnose and resolve complex issues. If you need repairs and don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of multiple trips to the shop, bring your vehicle to a certified Ford repair center.

Dealership Service Centers Use OEM Accessories and Parts

When customers bring their Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs in for service, they do so with the assurance that technicians will use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) accessories and parts. OEM parts are made for Ford vehicles, offering a perfect fit at a competitive price. Learn more about genuine Ford parts and accessories by visiting your nearest service center.

Detailed Service Records and a Higher Resale Value

Record-keeping is part of the job at local Ford service centers. Maintenance and repair records are typically included in vehicle history reports, which can be a strong selling point. When for-sale vehicles come with detailed records, potential buyers see they’ve been well cared for and they’re more likely to pay your asking price.

Extra Benefit #1: Complimentary Services for Customers

When customers bring their Fords in for scheduled maintenance or repairs, they gain access to a range of complimentary services. Brake inspections, battery testing, and car washes are just a few services you may be able to get free of charge.

Extra Benefit #2: Warranty Protection for Peace of Mind

All new Fords come with warranties outlining repair procedures and maintenance schedules. When customers schedule service at certified dealerships, they reduce the risk of errors and protect their warranties by complying with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Extra Benefit #3: Convenience, Speed, and Simplicity

To make service easier for everyone, most Ford dealerships offer extended hours including evenings and weekends, express lanes for simple repairs and routine maintenance, guaranteed completion times, shuttle services, loaner vehicles, and more. Local Ford dealerships make maintenance and repairs easy! Schedule your service appointment today.

Ford Service You Can Count On

When it’s time for repairs or maintenance, finding a reputable provider is essential. Ford dealerships use the best equipment, the highest-quality parts, and the most competent technicians in the industry. If you need reliable service at a competitive price, schedule an appointment at your local Ford dealership.