Want to Experience Nightlife in Thailand? Here’s How

Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is very much accommodating to tourists and travelers. This can be one of the reasons why it is dubbed as the Land of Smiles in the region. Aside from its famous temples and beaches that you can go visit, this country is also popular for various festivities and of course, nightlife. Below are some of the ways wherein you will be able to experience nightlife in Thailand.

Night Market

Thailand is popular for its various night markets where you will have the chance to shop for clothes, souvenirs, and other items at very low prices. The great part is that you can even indulge in a food trip while doing so because there is a wide variety of sumptuous street food for you to try. Try visiting the Rod Fai Market or the JJ Green night market in Bangkok or the weekend night market in Phuket.

Cultural Shows

Aside from night markets, you can also go and watch cultural shows to have an experience of nightlife in Thailand. For sure you will not be disappointed because the country has a rich culture that encompasses art, music, and literature. One of the best night cultural shows that you should not miss is the Siam Niramit Cultural Show which is held in both Bangkok and Phuket.

Night Safaris

Thailand is not only rich when it comes to its amazing landscapes, but it is home to various wildlife too, most of which come to play at night. If you dare to ride in an open jeep to have a close encounter with some of the most exotic wildlife species, then this is for you. One of the most popular night safaris in the country is the Chiang Mai Night Safari.

Dinner Cruises

If you are in Bangkok, then you can get one of the best views of the city by sailing along the Chao Phraya River that flows in the heart of the city. In this way, you get to see some of the most popular temples, monasteries, and tourist spots while enjoying good food with your family and friends. The cruise lasts for a couple of hours and the boats often depart from the River City Pier.

Pub Crawls

It may be hard to believe, but there are guided tours in Thailand that takes you to the best bars and clubs in the city one night. This tour is referred to as the pub crawl, which is perfect for a night owl that cannot decide on which bar to visit. If you are not keen on joining a tour, but you want to have fun in a club, then there is the option for you to go to a real gentleman’s club if you want to experience spacious VIP rooms or even cosplay-themed parties and concerts. The best part is that there are international artists that come to perform at these clubs every night, much to your delight.


There are numerous parties that you can take part in if you want to experience nightlife in Thailand to the fullest. For one, you can join a beach party with dizzying neon lights and throbbing music that makes the palm trees sway. Beach parties are popular in Phuket, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui between November to March. You are even lucky if you chance upon a full moon party under the night sky where multiple bars are set up on the beach.

If you are not on an island, but you are staying in one of the hotels in Bangkok, then you might just experience a wet and wild pool party with a famous DJ playing in the background. This is one of the most convenient ways of partying since you don’t have to go far for a night of revelry. Other hotels even host a foam party which is also held in a pool filled with water and foam. The Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya is one of the most popular avenues for these foam parties. The only downside is that foam parties are weather-dependent.

You can experience nightlife in Thailand by visiting night markets or watching cultural shows. There is also the option for you to enjoy a night safari or a dinner cruise with your significant other. If you are on the adventurous side, then try out a pub crawl or take part in one of the different types of parties held in the country. In doing so, you will surely enjoy a memorable experience during your visit.