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The top 5 things to do by the seaside

When you are free and want to spend some time relaxing, a trip to the seaside is the best thing you can do. You could make the trip more enjoyable if you took the kids with you. They will learn too many things about the sea and get to be entertained in the process. You could choose to live in some of the seaside cottages in Norfolk so that you have an easy time during your visit. Now, apart from the above activities for the children, what are some of the things that one can do by the seaside? This is one of the questions you could probably have in your mind. We shall discuss this issue here.

Here are the top 5 things you can do by the seaside:

1.    Take time to observe wildlife

Many different types of flora and fauna can be seen by the seaside. This can be a fun activity for you and the children. You will be interested in seeing seagulls, different species of fish, birds, and other types of animals. Just look into the water and enjoy spotting the different animals. Be gentle to these animals and return them once you have removed them from the water. Beware crabs can pinch!

2.    You can collect shells and stones

You will love to learn that there are good and beautiful stones and shells that you can collect by the seaside. You can use these for decoration purposes. You can also collect these as part of your souvenirs and for other purposes. However, as you collect these items, beware that they are part of the sea ecosystem and should not be finished. They can also be a good surface for algae to attach.

3.    Walk your dog

This is another fun activity that you can do by the seaside. Your dog loves fun too and as such, walking him by the seaside means that he will enjoy time and exercise with you. There are several games that you can engage with along the beach with your dog. Fetch and paddle is one such game. You can also use a flying disc to play with your dog. Volleyball is another fun game that you can play with the dog. Always ensure your dog is safe and that you find a shady spot where he can rest after the games. Also, ensure he has plenty of fresh water to rehydrate after the fun walk and games.

4.    Fishing

Fishing is a great activity that we can all engage in while at the seaside. It helps you to enjoy the scenery while you have fun at the same time. However, fishing requires you to have all the equipment necessary for you to engage in this activity. One good thing about fishing is that all the family members can engage in this activity and have fish for their meals!

5.    Hiking

With hiking, all one needs is enthusiasm and some good hiking shoes that will facilitate the activity. The good thing about this seaside activity is that it enables you to explore the local area and to stay fit while you are at the beach or the seaside. You should bring with you a compass and a map so you don’t get lost in the process of hiking.