Plant Growing

4 Important Equipment Pieces You Need To Start A Plant Growing Business

If you think your backyard hobby is growing into a passion that could eventually become a lucrative plant growing business, then it’s time for you to start planning a course of action. There are many elements that need to be for a new business venture, and one of them is having the right equipment. This article will tell you three of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need for growing plants professionally.


The number one most crucial step in caring for plants is regulating the amount of moisture they’re exposed to. That doesn’t just mean an adjusted watering schedule, but rather how much humidity is in the air where they grow. A humidifier for a grow room tent is the necessary piece of equipment for this job. For your plants to be protected from mildew and gray mold, the humidity must be controlled and set at different levels throughout their growth. 

Automatic or Manual Humidifier? 

If you prefer to be more hands-on with humidifying your space, then a manual humidifier should work just fine. It’s also the cheaper option compared to automated humidifiers. If you have many different plants with varying needs and you are not able to be present in your greenhouse at any given interval, then an automatic humidifier is best. It will do all the work itself and will not require you to do anything except set the settings in place. 

Dramm Cart Sprayer

The next most important piece of equipment you’ll need for your flourishing plants (and business!) is a dramm cart sprayer. Fertilization is an important aspect of growing plants. A dramm cart sprayer can evenly fertilize all your plants and will make the process as easy as pushing a cart. There’s a size option for carts that hold as few as 3 gallons or as big as 100. So, you can find one that fits the size of your nursery without overspending on it. 

Before you buy all the best fertilizers for your plant babies, make sure you know what your plants require in nutrients. It’s always a good idea to keep all the plants that need the same amount and type of fertilizer in the same area to make for an easier fertilization process. 

Open Roof Greenhouse

Once you’ve got the tools to nurture your greens, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right home for them. Listed below are the major advantages to having an open roof greenhouse, although depending on your business’s needs, the type of greenhouse you choose may vary. 

Excellent Light Admittance 

Of course, the more sunlight, the better the growth. It will also allow plants to be evenly fed by the sun so that no plants get left out depending on positioning. This will absolve you of having to rotate them so that they can all get a fair amount of sun. 

Best Air Flow 

Open roof greenhouses provide the best airflow and create an environment that is as close to a real one as possible. This gives plants the ability to adjust quickly to their environments once they’re taken out of the nursery. 

Opening Adjustments

Depending on the weather, you might want to close the roof if it rains. But you’ll still need airflow, right? So, an open roof greenhouse will allow you to keep it partially open to allow for the proper airflow even while it’s raining. The rain will be redirected to gutters and will not dampen the flowers inside. 

Roll-Up Sidewalls

As you can tell, airflow and ventilation is highly important and will be a major factor in all choices you make for your plants. Open roof greenhouses offer the option to roll up the sidewalls to provide maximum airflow. Many gardeners use fans, but this isn’t cost-efficient and requires a lot of energy. Rolling up the sidewalls will allow convection to take place, which will increase ventilation. This will reduce overhead costs and labor. 

Color Tag Press

A color tag press is a machine that will make tags for all your green babies so that they can be identified. Tags play a huge role in determining what plants customers will purchase. By informing customers about the plants, you increase the likelihood of them being sold because customers will know what they require and if they can nurture them properly. 

Once you have these pieces of equipment, you’ll be on your way to running a flourishing plant nursery and business. Make sure to methodically select each plant so that you can group them by their necessary environment and nutrients.