work moving train near trees

Why Traveling by Train Is Better Than Flying

Depending on the destination that you are traveling to, trains may be even quicker than driving or flying. Traveling by train is usually very comfortable, and there aren’t as many restrictions about what you can bring with you. Trains can often be more glamorous and relaxing then getting onto a packed flight. Let’s take a look into the top reasons why train travel is better than flying, and how it can save you time on your next trip.

Travel right to the center 

Train stations are typically right in the centre of places and cities that you are traveling to as well as along popular routes, so you don’t need to drive or go far to get where you need to be. In comparison to planes, airports are located outside the centre, and often another source of transport is required to get to your destination. This is perfect especially for shorter trips, as less time is wasted, and you are able to jump off the train and get straight into exploring your new location. 

Better for the environment 

Choosing to travel by train over flying cuts CO2 emissions per passenger by up to 90%.  Therefore, not only are you benefiting yourself by using a train due to the convenience and comfort, but you are also helping lower your carbon and limit the impact of global warming.

No lines for security

Getting through airport security can take a long time and be very boring, meaning you have to arrive hours before your flight even departs. Unlike trains, in which you can just arrive a few minutes before your train leaves and jump straight on – meaning you aren’t wasting time and waiting in queues for hours.  

Your own choice for eating and drinking

With train stations offering a variety of branded food, you can bring your own meals and drinks on board. This could be anything from a McDonalds to a sandwich, but it sure does beat airplane food!  Many long haul trains also offer food and drinks on board, so you can always wander down to the next carriage to pick up a bite to eat, 

Extra leg room and comfort 

A train gives passengers more space on average than other common forms of transport, in particular planes. You are free to stand up and stretch your legs at any point, and many seats often have tables in which you can rest your laptop on, and watch some Netflix or catch up on a bit of work.

No turbulence 

There are no issues with turbulence for train passengers. You can avoid those nerve jangling movements associated with flying by staying on track 

Stay connected 

No need for flight mode. You can enjoy reliable mobile coverage. Most modern trains will have plug sockets at your seat. Many trains include free Wi-Fi coverage making it easy to work on board as you travel. You can stay updated on social media and even post live videos and selfies of your complete journey.

Flexible baggage 

Riding the tracks means that you are freer to pack what you want, as luggage restrictions are more flexible than on trains and there are no limits on weight or quantity of the luggage you can bring. 

Trains are more pet and bike friendly

It is far easier to bring on your own pets and bikes than it is on planes. You will need to check this first with the rail operator to be sure. As there could be restrictions as to which train carts and areas they will be allowed onto. 

The landscape and view

With flying the view, you will mainly see will be the white clouds from the sky. With trains you can sit, relax, and enjoy the countryside views and landscapes of the country you are traveling through.