Sell More Tickets

Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets Fast

Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, people are still wary about attending events, even with the numbers of cases on the decline. Being able to market your event effectively in order to sell more tickets is very important if you are to cover the costs of the event and hopefully turn a good profit. The best marketing strategies use both online and offline avenues to reach the maximum number of potential attendees.

To help you guarantee a great turnout for whatever event you are planning, here are some top marketing tips to sell more tickets fast.

1. Market Your Tickets to People You Know

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is knowing where to find people to sell your tickets to. Being able to market your tickets directly to people you know means that you won’t need to do any data-driven targeting, but can instead just get in touch with friends and family members who you think might be interested in the event. Particularly if you are a new band or an upland coming artist, people you know will be eager to come and see you in action and offer their support, and this is a great way to fill your audience. You can also ask them to promote your event to friends of theirs who may be interested in buying a ticket.

2. Market Your Tickets on Your Website

Using the Internet effectively for promoting yourself and your events is absolutely key and whether you have a one-man-band or a twenty-person dance troupe, you need a great website. This can be used to engage with fans, announce upcoming events, showcase your work, and sell tickets. Selling tickets directly on your website means that you are able to cut out any middleman and keep all of the profits for yourself. If your attendees will be buying the tickets directly, it is very important that your website has top-of-the-line cybersecurity and payment protection to ensure their card details are not stolen during the process.

3. Market Your Tickets on a Specialist Ticket Website

In addition to selling tickets on your own website, making them available on a specialist ticket website will ensure that you get maximum exposure with people who don’t already know about you or your event. The folks at The Ticket Fairy explain that ticket websites take a commission from sales but that this money is easily made up for the digital marketing and promotional benefits they provide. Tickets are also available 24/7 on ticketing websites so attendees will be able to make a purchase at any time. You can track your online sales through the website and make any necessary changes to ticket prices as needed.

4. Market Your Tickets on Social Media

In addition to your website, using social media to promote your events and sell tickets is a great tactic because your social media followers will already be fans of what you do. Social media marketing is quickly becoming the number one solution for artists and musicians and you can use Facebook and other social media platforms to announce upcoming events a few months in advance in order to generate a buzz. Once people are talking about the events, you can then offer them early bird prices or buy 2 get 1 free offer if they purchase the tickets directly from you on social media. 

5.  Market Your Tickets at Other Events

For bands, artists, and other performers, in particular, marketing future events to attendees of your other events is a great way to get repeat customers. When you set up your stand selling your t-shirts, CDs, posters of your artwork, or performance program, offer tickets to upcoming events too. These can be done at a big loyalty discount to thank fans for continuing to support you and attend your events. People who are already into what you do are more likely to come to your next event if they have had a good time, so make sure that the ticket booth is visible for attendees on the way out of your events.

Using the correct marketing strategies to sell more tickets fast is key in putting on a successful event. With the world beginning to open up following the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is real money to be made from people looking to get back to normal life and do some much-needed socializing. If you have an event coming up and you are looking for ways to maximize your ticket sales, follow these easy tips and they will help you to fill your event.