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7 Amazing Features Of Electric Skateboards 

As the world continues to trend towards lowering carbon emissions, more environmentally conscious modes of transportation have increasingly populated the roads. And in an age where people have learned to value independent mobility, electric skateboards have become a fun and convenient alternative.   

Electric skateboards are no longer a novelty; they are evolving into a smart transportation device. If you search for the best electric skateboard, you’ll find a list of products featuring intelligence catering to every kind of rider.   

This article discusses the remarkable features of an electric skateboard and why you should consider integrating it into your lifestyle.   


Most electric skateboards weigh an average of 20 pounds, making them one of the lightest and most portable modes of transportation available. If you live in an urban area and regularly commute, you’ll appreciate the ease of navigating the city streets while avoiding getting stuck in traffic.    

And if you need to get on a train or hop on a bus, you can easily take your electric skateboard with you and return to riding it when you reach your stop. 


Electric skateboards have an average top speed of 26 mph on flat surfaces. While that may not sound like much if you’re used to driving cars, those speeds amount to an exhilarating experience on top of such a small platform.    

Additionally, the best electric skateboards have a riding range of up to 25 miles, with enough power to comfortably go up roads with an incline of 25 degrees (some boast the ability to conquer 35 degree-inclines). These give you a mobility machine that’s as capable as it is portable.

Riding Modes For Every Experience Level  

Electric skateboards have multiple riding modes, allowing beginner riders to get into the lifestyle while enabling seasoned ones to ride as their skills would let them. The riding modes control the speed you can get from the board, which you can easily change using the remote control. It allows you to enjoy your electric skateboard even as your riding progresses.  

Variety And Customization  

As electric skateboards increased in popularity, so have the choices for specs. For example, you can choose longer boards for more comfortable and stable rides. You can upgrade the board with larger wheels if you want to take it off-road. You can also choose between durable and top-quality materials, such as maple wood, bamboo, and fiberglass.   

Other customization options include the following:   

  • Add headlights, taillights, and glow lights for increased safety, visibility, and style.   
  • Add hubs to turn your board into a 2-in-1 vehicle (allows you to use it as a traditional board when the battery is empty).   
  • Choose the style of remote you’re most comfortable with.   

In addition, some electric skateboards come with customizable settings, allowing riders to adjust the board’s acceleration and braking. With an increasing number of products in the market, you can find an electric skateboard to suit your budget, skills, and capability requirements.   

electric skateboards

All-Terrain Enjoyment  

While electric skateboards are excellent devices for enhancing urban mobility, some boards are equally capable off-road. For example, Evolve’s Hadean Carbon 2in1 is the monster truck equivalent of electric skateboards. It comes with 175 mm/7-inch tires and 97mm urethane wheels, allowing the board to ride more challenging terrains easily. Meanwhile, its dual 3000w motors ensure you have enough power to ride however you want. 

Native Apps  

The top electric skateboard companies offer native apps to accompany their boards. For example, the Explore by Evolve app allows riders to customize the electric skateboard’s power and regenerative braking output, track and share rides, and connect with a global community of riders.     

Quick Charging  

Most boards only require 4-5 hours (with some ready to ride after two hours) to go from empty to full capacity. The ability to charge the electric skateboard relatively quickly means you can comfortably ride it to the school or office, plug it in, and be ready to get back on when you’re done.    

As you can see, there are many benefits to investing in an electric skateboard, particularly when it comes to mobility. It’s portable, powerful, and has an excellent range for urban commuting. Moreover, with the myriad of options in the market, you’re sure to find the perfect board, whether you’re an experienced rider looking for an electric skateboard that can cope with you or a beginner who prioritizes urban mobility at a great price.