How My Watch Style Defines Me

I love watches, and probably more than I should. When I buy my newest timepiece, I tend to go for my regular brands, overlooking others because I tend to be a bit stubborn and set in my ways. I am particular with my styling, weight, and feel that I expect for my time pieces as they are the common accessory I wear every day. But that changed, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

First and foremost, even as an active duty Marine, I have always worn watches that invoke style and class, and while my collection is varied in manufacturers, there has been a similarity in the styling that have come to define my style. It’s one of the few accessories that I wear outside my KIA bracelets, and they definitely bring more attention than the latter. It’s a small piece of my style that is always there, always worn, and brings a sense of completion to my outfit and the activity at hand.

Recently an invitation direct from Pulsar asking me to give them a second look, to dive deep into their new watch lines for the fall season, inviting me to find the watch that fits my styling. As I perused their new collection, I was amazed by the new styles, the designs that were classy, timeless, and very bespoke for both women and men. And then there is was, within the business section of their line, the perfect watch. Among any of the other watches they make stood out this modern interpretation of the classic multi-hand, multi-dial design. A mixture of deep brown leather in the strap, paired with the polished case, anthracite face, and gold numbers and hands, it was truly a modern classic, even if the term is a bit contradictory. None the less, here was a new watch mixing up the common norms, stepping outside the box of the classic interpretation.

Photo by Richard Melick

A mixture of metal and leather, with different tones and textures, packaged together in a day-to-night package that reminded me of the old watches my grandfather had worn. His every day watch was recently handed down to me, and it was the one he wore at work and out on the down, and while I do not wear it, it sits protected and displayed alongside the rest of my collection as a way to honor that part of him. And similar to that old watch, this Pulsar fit into that everyday and night watch, the one for work and heading out for a night on the town as well, and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Now I often rotate through my collection of watches, wearing a different one every day as they often become conversation pieces, but after putting this watch on for the first time, I stopped. I constantly wanted to show it off, to talk about it to everyone. I have worn this watch more consecutive days than I can remember doing so with any other in my collection. Its not just a watch that looks good, but feels solid, with great quality. The band is not too thick and doesn’t get uncomfortable throughout the day, and the face is extremely easy to read even at a glance because of the use of gold hands on the anthracite face. I can wear it all day with no fatigue or discomfort, which is something I can’t say for others in my collection.

Photo by Michael Kanemoto
Photo by Michael Kanemoto

So what is it about a watch that defines so much of me? Well, I have never been able to put my finger on the direct point that it become such a common accessory for me. My father wears a nice watch every day for work, and I always admired how it just fit his personality. As I grew into my own, I wanted to also find that piece that helped define my style, and the watch was always where I ended. And since those moments, I have sought to build the rest of my styling around the simple, classically styled watches that have always attracted me.  And for the first time, I found a watch that fits all that I have sought.

This watch hasn’t just just fit into my collection; it become an additional piece to the puzzle of my definition. This, and the others in the collection from Pulsar, have impressed me more than I could have imagined, and I know it will not be the only model from their collection that I will be proud to own.

Every day, there’s a new rhythm, a new adventure. You dance to the beat of your own drum. You capture and share moments, with your family and your friends. PULSAR is a quality companion that is right there with you – every day, and for tomorrow, with modern styles that stand the test of time. That’s Life. In real time.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pulsar. The opinions and text are all mine.