2015 Accessories

Your 2015 Accessories Have Arrived

Spring is sprunging (unless you’re on the east coast of the US), and it’s time to cast away your wool coat and cap and step into the new hotness that this year has to offer. The 2015 accessories trends are all about modernism. We’ve had a wild ride with hipsterism and lumbersexual, but now the style pendulum has swung back toward up-to-date materials and designs. From Versace to Target, its all about of-the-moment and 21st century styles.

Warby Parker’s 2015 line of glasses shows this trend by pairing their retro designs with new materials and finishes that eschew vintage tortoise shells for clear plastic and iridescent sheens. Their Haskell Crystal will soon find a home on my dumb face, but damn if that turquoise isn’t tempting. But we’re not done beautifying your noggin yet…

The V-MODA XS line of headphones are the anti-Beats. First off, they actually sound great. Secondly, they are styled more interestingly than simple circles and domes. Lastly, all the materials and accessories are top-notch and they feel great whether around your ears or around your neck. These foldable headphones make a clear statement that you value audio fidelity just as much as you do high style – and the XS line aces both.

Railtek Belts might not look like anything next level on the outside, but their ratcheting system is all about bringing the future to the function of the belt rather than the form. Instead of relying upon misplaced holes that leave you muffin-topped or slacking, Railtek’s infinitely adjustable system allows you to dial in exactly the amount of cinch you need without cutting off any circulation.

Zeniick Watches are a favorite here on FactoryTwoFour, and they are looking good this year. Their modern, minimalist faces bury the over-complicated watches of the past and gives you exactly what you need to tell the time, and get on with your day. At $50 a pop, these watches don’t break the bank while pimping out your wrist. Zeniick was founded to give the modern gentleman a sleek and modern option outside the stodgy european brands, and they are succeeding at that in spades.

Accessories are the keystone to your look, and make the difference between having style and having your own personal style. Add in these pieces to your 2015 look, and you’ll be strutting right.