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Golfing Style Tips That Can Make You Stand Apart On The Course

A man of style and substance wants to look good everywhere, at home, in the office, on date nights, and at the golf course. Whether you are a weekend golfer or play the sport as a daily routine, you have a lot of scope for golfing style tips and stealing the show while you hit your shots. It isn’t just about wearing the lazy Sunday track pants or picking an old tee from the back of your closet. You have to look like a star as much with your outfits as with the swings and shots on the course.

While there isn’t a rule book you can follow to dress for the greens, you have a lot to emulate from the celebrities who gain attention for their fashionable golfer looks. Fortunately, you do not need a million-dollar wardrobe to look like a style icon here with these golfing style tips. Just styling what you have right and going the extra mile with details can get you full marks for dressing. Here are some look-good tips you can rely on for ramping up your golf style.

Follow the etiquette

Since golf is a classy sport, loud colors aren’t the right choice for the greens. Choose muted colors as you will not want to draw undue attention in a reserved atmosphere. Shades of white and earthy tones are ideal because they look subtle and keep you comfortable throughout the sunny day. Pick loose fits because these work from the comfort perspective. It keeps you easy outdoors and enables you to swing without feeling the tug. The best part is that a loose tee wouldn’t come untucked when you play the shots. For the bottom wear, choose simple trousers in khaki shades because they do not make the dirt visible. Steer clear of denim and plaid patterns because these go against the etiquette.

Be weather-ready

You cannot go wrong with the dressing etiquette for the golf course, and it is equally vital to be weather-ready. Summer dressing is the simplest as a plain, light-colored tee with trousers gets you going. But you may be confused about winter outfits because you need ample warmth without being restricted by heavy stuff like coats and jackets. You can pick a lightweight sweater or jacket that you can take off and carry when the day gets sunny and warm. If you are out in the rain, a waterproof jacket makes the best companion. Just make sure that your outerwear coordinates well with the rest of the clothing. 

Avoid going overboard with layering

Even as the weather gets chilly, going overboard with layering is the worst mistake you can make. You may want to add extra layers to stay warm in the morning, but they will end up troubling you within a couple of hours. Moreover, mixing a range of incompatible fabrics can make you uncomfortable because they interfere with breathability. Look for a man-made fabric option for your base layer and team it with a natural yarn like merino for the outer layer. Both fabrics work well together and keep you warm without making you feel sweaty and sticky.

Pay attention to detail

When it comes to nailing the ultimate golf-style, you cannot do it without paying attention to detail. You may have the best pairing of tees and pants, but a forlorn-looking bag can spoil all the good work. Check out this incredibly stylish Sunday golf bag that offers a perfect combination of style and functionality. Opt for one that is simple, minimalistic, and just large enough to carry your gear easily. Basic colors are ideal because they go well with every outfit. A bag with a stand is ideal for avid golfers as these are easy to handle and carry around, even during the longest day on the course. Apart from your bag, gloves and hat also deserve attention. Make sure that these blend well with your ensemble. 

Go the extra mile with footwear

Apart from picking the right accessories, go the extra mile with footwear fashion as well. There are options galore now as the world-leading footwear brands are coming up with specialized offerings for this sport. While you pick the shoes, steer clear of bright colors and stick with the basic shades. Comfort should be your top priority because you will not want them to pinch throughout the long days on the greens. Look for an option that is lightweight yet fashion-focused. Having a couple of pairs in your shoe-rack is a good idea to look stylish every time you step out on the course.

Focus on the ensemble 

While it is easy to get carried away with golf dressing if you are a style-conscious man, you should mix and match with care. Focus on the ensemble and see that everything blends well with the other elements. Avoid combining patterns with patterns because they will only get you unwanted attention. Even if you love wearing brands, make sure that you do not flaunt them while dressing for the course. Simple and classy are the keywords when it comes to looking like a celebrity here.

Know what to avoid

Even the best outfits can go wrong if you do not carry them well enough. Do not leave your shirt loose and untucked because it will make you appear sloppy and unprofessional. Some private golf clubs even have a dress code that prohibits items like cargo shorts, shirts with no collar, and vests. Go through the rules carefully before stepping out on the course and avoid everything that is not recommended. Pay attention to your belt and socks because anything that gets attention for the wrong reasons has to be avoided. 

While dressing is an art, it doesn’t require a great deal of effort and investment if you only stick to the basics and follow the rules. With these golfing style tips, it is much easier than you imagine. You only need to be subtle and classy, just like the sport itself. Just pick stuff that is appealing without being loud, and you can ace the look.