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Why Are Standing Desks Becoming So Popular

Standing desks have recently become quite popular in the workplace with many workers switching over from a conventional desk. A quick look at a standing desk might make you ask why someone would ever want to do that, however, there are a lot of benefits one can get from using a standing desk. Here are some of the reasons why standing desks have become so popular.

Standing Desks Can Result In You Losing Weight

One of the biggest reasons why people are switching over to standing desks is the weight loss that comes with it. Standing burns more calories than sitting down, therefore you are much more likely to avoid serious health issues and lower your weight. While exercise will always be better, maybe you don’t have the time to get out and do so. A great alternative would be to spend a few hours standing instead of sitting down at your work.

What happens if you get tired though? There are a lot of electric standing desks that can be set to any height you want. This means that you can find the perfect height for you when you want to stand and work, while also lowering it right to the ground if you ever need a break and want to sit. Couple this in with some workouts and you will be shedding the pounds in no time. Standing desks are a great way to lose a few extra pounds.

Reduced Blood Sugar

The next great thing standing desks do is that it lowers your blood sugar levels. In a study done with people working, after standing for three hours after lunch, their blood sugar spike was reduced by around 43%. Other tests were conducted and showed similar results. What does this accomplish? The higher your blood sugar levels are, the greater the chance of you contracting diabetes. Therefore, any steps that you can take to lower it and keep it down will greatly benefit your health in the future. Stand up while working to avoid diabetes and keep your blood sugar low.

Standing Can Reduce Your Back Pain

You might think of sitting as a way to relax and ease back pain, but in fact, it is the opposite. If you sit improperly in your chair and slouch, you can damage the lower parts of your back and cause long-term back pain. If you are currently suffering from it while at work, give standing a try. Statistics have shown that people who switch to a standing desk have reported an improvement in their back pain after several weeks. It is not just the lower back either. 

Those who suffered from upper back and neck pain noticed their symptoms easing up as well. This is not a permanent fix to the matter however as it was observed that when people went back to sitting desks, their pain came back in a few weeks. If you want to keep your back pain down while working, perhaps try standing.

Your Mood And Energy Improves

One might think that standing throughout the day will result in a severe loss of energy. Despite what you think, the opposite occurs. People who worked while standing up reported having higher energy throughout the day along with a better. This is because working out and being active triggers the production of chemicals in the brain which helps to give you energy. Have you been suffering from a lot of stress? Simply moving to a standing desk can do a great deal for helping you. Make the switch and get the energy boost that comes along with it.

Increased Productivity

It has also been observed that those who stand during the workday are much more productive than those who sit. In a few studies, participants who were standing were able to work at the same speeds as those who were sitting down, but with much fewer errors. They also noticed that those who were standing were able to focus much more on the tasks that they were completing. Overall, standing will improve the quality of your work along with how quickly you are able to complete it.

These are all great reasons as to why you should consider switching to a standing desk. It might take some time to get used to at first, but with so many benefits, you should at least give it a try. The best part about standing desks is that they can be controlled, therefore giving you the option to sit down if at any point you are tired. Improve your health, your work, and your mood, just by switching over to a better desk. What is stopping you from making the change?