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Three Apps for the Modern Man

The modern gentleman needs to stay informed and connected in order to make optimal life choices. At least, that’s what I tell myself while I waste time browsing Reddit and Techcrunch. But during my not-so-brief internet diversions I occasionally stumble on apps that make a drastic difference in my lifestyle. If you are a traveler, news aficionado, or a frequent explorer, check out the apps below.



Hopper App

The modern gentleman must be well traveled, and Hopper can get you there. This app not only shows you the best days to fly, it will watch prices like a hawk, predict when they will rise or fall, and direct you elsewhere if someone else has a better price. It’s like having your best friend as your travel agent, without any of the guilt of wanting to travel solo. With its recent $16 million in funding, Hopper is here to stay.

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 SmartNews App

You probably already have your news app of choice, but hear me out. SmartNews raised $38 million in its latest Series D round of funding, and not without reason. This news aggregation app offers similar features as other apps, but with an authentic twist. If your work internet is like mine and it doesn’t hold up like Ryan Lochte’s robbery recollection, this app has a feature called “Smartview” where you use a minimal amount of bandwidth to view the text-only version of any article. A great UI combined with no-hassle viewing has won my readership.

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Canopy App

The modern gentleman is already using Amazon for (almost) all of his internet buying needs, however, sifting through all of the junk can take time that the modern man just doesn’t have. Canopy is a no frills curator for Amazon. Have a spare minute and feel like doing some home/life improvement? Everything on Canopy is hand-picked, reliable, and well designed, while the app itself is clean and simple compared to competitors who try and throw as much junk in your face as possible. For the modern Amazonian, this is a must have.

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