Great Summer Tech Gadgets You Might Not Have Considered – But Should

Whether you plan to be at home or away this summer, there are some tech gadgets you never want to be without.  And there are others you might not even have considered – but could seriously improve this year’s getaways.

The best offer multipurpose functionality and are available at a wide range of price points, to suit every pocket.  Below, we share three that have caught our eye this summer and we think you’ll agree they’re worth every penny.


Camera glasses

Have you ever wished you could capture a real first person view while you bike down a trail or stand on top of a mountain? Well, with a stylish pair of camera sunglasses, your wishes have been met – and exceeded.

You can literally create memories as you experience those moments in your life you never want to forget.  The best provide easy, virtual hands-free operations, shoot HD quality videos and even take snapshots. 


There are so many different models now arriving on the market that it’s well worth taking advantage of expert review sites. Gadget Trackers take the time to get a really thorough overview of what’s available and provide you with valuable insights and comparisons.

What functionality do they offer?

Camera glasses come in a wide range of styles and offer all kinds of different functionality – to best match your needs. Some are even designed to work specifically with social media sites, for example, so it’s well worth shopping around.

Their biggest advantage is their simplicity of use and that you always know what the camera is aimed at.  All you have to do is look in the direction of whatever you want to capture – and start recording. And what could be easier or more fun than that, so what are you waiting for?

Music sleep masks – bear with us! 

Before you skip this, sleep masks are not just for girls – so bear with us on this one and keep an open mind.  

We all know how difficult it can be to get any sleep on a long journey, or sometimes even in a hotel room that you’re not familiar with. So  what could be better than a gadget that helps you get that much needed rest – and wake feeling relaxed and refreshed in the morning?

What are the main features and benefits?

Music sleep masks block out the light and connect to your smartphone – so you can access your favourite sleep-inducing tunes.

They’re available at a variety of price points, but most are within the range you’d describe as ‘cheap and cheerful’. Many are bluetooth enabled and/or wireless, which is really useful – and they’re comfortable and easy to wear.  

They come in a variety of styles, so you can choose something that best suits both you and your budget. And they’re carefully designed to fit well, whatever your head size, so they’ll successfully stay put all the time you’re asleep. And they won’t interfere with car seat headrests or airplane seats either  – so don’t be concerned they’ll be in the way or cause discomfort.

The sound quality won’t be amazing, but it’s good enough and, even at a high volume, the design means you get little or no sound leakage.

So next time you travel, unless you’re a designated driver, of course, why not consider trying this great, simple idea?


Smart backpacks

You might already be aware of the benefits of smart luggage more broadly, but did you know smart backpacks are now available too?  They provide special compartments to hold your electronics and also offer a range of charging stations and other useful features. So you can always keep yourself organised and fully charged on the move.

Some backpacks have significant connectivity options and/or even feature Bluetooth speakers, and solar charging capabilities. So it’s worth researching the market to see which options are available to suit your requirements best.

It’s another example of a solution that meets many challenges head on and, when you’re travelling, you want to keep things as straightforward as possible. And, if you’re someone who travels a lot and/or who commutes for work, they’re something we think is really worth considering.

We hope you agree these are great summer tech gadgets you might not have considered, but should.  They all offer multi-purpose functionality and are set at price points that won’t break the bank.

So when you’re planning your getaways this summer, why not add one or all of these items to your current ‘holiday tech kit’?