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What Every Motorcycle Junkie Needs To Know

If there’s anything that all motorcyclists agree on, it’s that nothing compares to the fun and satisfaction that comes out of riding their bikes. They’re fast, efficient, and 10 times more fun than riding a car. Unfortunately, riding motorcycles can get dangerous pretty fast, especially if the motorcyclist isn’t following simple safety tips. Considering that a motorcycle accident can be more fatal than a vehicular accident, every motorcycle rider must err on the side of caution whenever they go for a ride. Here’s what you’ll need to do in detail.

Get Your Gear

One of the main features that all motorcycle junkies will try to implement is to try to look ‘cool’ while they’re on the road, which often means that they’ll skip gearing up in favor of showing up wearing improper riding attire, like T-shirts, sandals, shorts, or jeans. This attire will provide you with minimal to no protection at all should the worst-case scenario occur. Safe, proper motorcycle gear includes reinforced leather jackets, pants, and boots. Wearing leather is essential for your safety on the road. Plus, it will still make you look great while riding a motorcycle. Of course, you shouldn’t skip on wearing a helmet, preferably a DOT-approved helmet for optimum safety. If your helmet is open-faced, make sure that you wear glasses or goggles and get a pair of leather gloves as well.

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Do a Thorough Inspection

You may have already heard this one before. Motorcycle inspections are essential to guarantee your safety on the road. However, it is often easy for motorcyclists to neglect to do a basic inspection in favor of hopping on their ride and getting on the road. Motorcycle roads, especially the ones that offer a diverse scenery every which way you look, can even be more dangerous than regular roads. For that reason, personal injury attorneys at Mushkatel, Robbins & Becker advise against riding a motorcycle without thoroughly inspecting it first, even if your motorcycle is brand new. Checking the brakes, the motor, and the mirrors are one way to start the inspection. Make sure that there aren’t any loose parts as well. If you’re not sure that you can inspect your motorcycle, have an expert inspect it for you. 

Ride in a Group

Sure, nothing beats the enjoyment of riding alone, but you’d be surprised at how much fun you could have when riding in a group with your friends or family. Riding motorcycles in a group can actually be safer than riding alone, as you will be riding in a predetermined formation and there will be a group leader, which is safer than riding alone in an undesignated route. Plus, if anything goes awry, you’ll have the group leader guide you through it and make a new plan to ensure the safety of the whole group. Riding in a group requires learning using hand signals to communicate with your teammates and learning about road formation, so you won’t endanger or block other car riders on the road.

Learn How to Brake

Safety on the road can be highly compromised even for cars. This usually happens because drivers of different vehicles will have limited time to react, let alone use the brakes in time to avoid accidents. Most road accidents could have been avoided if there was more time to react and use the brakes, but since that is nearly impossible since there are many variables when you’re on the road, all motorcyclists can do is to practice using brakes. Make sure that you practice braking in different conditions. Also, leave a space between your bike and other vehicles and double-check whenever you’re turning or changing lanes. If possible, upgrade to anti-lock brakes, as experts believe that they can reduce the chances of being in an accident by 37%.

Don’t Exceed the Speed Limit

Every road has its speed limit and that applies to motorcycle roads as well. While it’s great to ride on high speeds and feel the wind rushing around you, the risks of getting into accidents will skyrocket. Because you’re not abiding by one of the most important road safety rules, you’ll end up endangering your life and the lives of everyone sharing that road with you. You can speed up, but within reason, and of course within the speed limit, like when you’re riding on an empty road; however, you’ll have to slow down if there are multiple turns.

Safety surely can deduct from getting the full experience of riding a motorcycle, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, we can’t control the environment on the road. For that reason, motorcyclists should do the best they can to minimize the chances of accidents.