I used to feel the rain coming…

About a decade ago, my kneecap decided it no longer wanted to be together as one, splitting in half. It was joyful as I am sure you are imagining, but something that was eventually taken care of through surgery. While I gained full use of my knee after the surgery, I was informed I’d feel the weather changing in a few years, and probably for the rest of my life. Honestly not the worst thing in the world compared to the initial pain, but over time it got a bit annoying.

Living in Colorado, the home of the bi-polar weather conditions, freak snow storms followed by heat waves and just about every other weather pattern, this little ‘notification’ I would receive got a bit annoying. I’ve tried traditional remedies, from pain killers to massage, but overall, it grew to be something I had to physically accept.

I tell this story for a reason. Recently I was invited to try hemp oil from CW Botanicals a try in my everyday routine, to see if I found and felt any benefits from this plant-derived product. Always a skeptic, I decided why not. In the news recently, there have been many positive effects with these kinds of hemp oils, especially in helping children with epilepsy and cancer, and while I did not have any ailments nearly this severe, there are other benefits called out. So, instead of being a skeptic, I gave it a shot to see what changed.

So the dosage started mild, 15mg at breakfast and another at dinner. I had the mint chocolate flavor for trial, and despite the oily texture, the flavor was subtle and enjoyable and left no strange aftertaste. That was a start as I remembered back to the days when I took fish oil and the horrible taste I had all day, every day from taking it. This was not just an improvement, but a whole new ballgame.

So over a few days, I am not noticing anything negative, nor really positive, but again, my everyday ailments are limited. Then it rained.

I used to feel the rain coming. I used to feel the pressure behind my kneecap similar to a swollen join, the ache of something changing. Snow, rain, cold, heat – any change and I felt it. This rain storm, a big one, snuck up on me. Must have been a fluke, there is no way after 10 years it stopped. Maybe I just didn’t notice.

Again, the next day, the same thing. I am sitting in the garage and suddenly rain. No pain, no ache, no pressure.

For the whole week, from the cool nights to hot days, random rain storms and heavy winds, every change has gone by without as much as a peep from my knee. And after almost a decade of pain, I could not be happier.

Hemp oil has my vote for sure, and with all the research and clear cases of the benefits of the oil these days, I am not alone. I was once a skeptic of new solutions, but as I sit here now, no pressure in my knee, I can’t deny the surprise I have. I hope you can give it a shot, take an extra look, and be just as surprised. Check out CW Botanicals and see what happens. Use code CW2015 for 30% off (limit 2 per order) Mint Chocolate MCT Oil 500mg – Charlotte’s WebTM Hemp Extract.

CW Botanicals is the only hemp oil derived exclusively from Charlotte’s Web™. CW Botanicals is the exclusive provider of premium Charlotte’s Web™ products made from our proprietary hemp genetics, grown internationally as well as in Colorado. Our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CW Botanicals. The opinions and text are all mine.