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What Actually Impresses a Woman?

You may be wondering what it is that truly impresses a woman. Good looks? Money? Fame? But in reality, these superficialities aren’t even close to the whole picture when it comes to wooing and wowing others. And while you may be trying different techniques to be more interesting and alluring to the opposite sex, whether it’s putting on cologne or putting on the charm, there are five important ways that you can draw a woman towards you while simultaneously drawing out the best in yourself.

Be considerate. If you truly want to impress a woman, you should opt to be a kinder and more generous person. To that end, being viewed as a “nice guy” is actually something that’s highly appealing and attractive, especially to a woman who’s looking for a deep and long-lasting relationship. On the other hand, if you treat a woman poorly, disrespect her, and make her feel expendable, your lasting impression will be a negative one.

Be honest. When you’re trying to impress a woman, honesty is truly the best policy. In fact, if you’re totally forthright with her as well as dependable, a woman will be drawn to your openness and trustworthiness. So rather than playing games, holding back your true feelings, and/or keeping her in the dark, choosing to be straightforward, honest, and reliable will make a far greater impact in every respect.

Be a better listener. If you truly want to impress a woman, another important step is that you have to be able and willing to listen. In other words, if you’re fully present when she’s speaking, you value what she has to say, and you commit to understanding her point of view, she’ll view you as far more impressive. To that end, if you’re able to recall details of particular topics that she mentioned to you, whether it’s her favorite type of chocolate or a funny story about her chocolate-colored lab, your listening skills will make a sound impression.

Be happy. If you want to impress a woman, being an optimist is key. In fact, having a positive outlook, making the most out of sticky situations, and choosing to be happy will likely result in a woman choosing to be with you, especially since spending time with an upbeat person is far more enjoyable on many levels. On the flip side, if you’re a pessimist who tends to see the worst in others and who views the glass as half empty, your attempts at impressing a woman will be empty as well.

Be yourself. When looking to impress a woman, you should put having high self-esteem high on your list. In fact, confidence is always an attractive quality, and you have to believe you’re impressive if you want others to have the same impression, especially when it comes to drawing a woman towards you. And while this certainly doesn’t mean that you should be full of yourself, arrogant, or overbearing, it does mean that you should recognize what you have to offer so that she can recognize it—and be wowed by it—as well.