BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

Have you ever wondered if you could still drive after having some drinks? The answer is, no, always no, but now thanks to BACtrack’s Mobile Breathalyzer you’ll know exactly how much you’ve had to drink. Connected easily via Bluetooth to your smartphone the breathalyzer is run by a downloadable app, an app which is truly the pinnacle of the system.


Obviously the app gives you your blood alcohol content, but it’s the extras that blow (pun-intended) you away. Your location is plotted on a map and results added to a graph so you can see your progression (or destruction) through the course of an evening. Additionally, you’re given the option of saving a note or tagging a drink along with the result, and have the option of sharing your information via social media. The latter I never really understood, but I’m old fashion and like to tell people I’m drunk individually, late at nite, via text.

Without a police issued breathalyzer to compare it against I had to come up with some tests of my own for the BACtrack Mobile:

Does gum make a difference? With .034 worth of wine in my system I popped a minty piece of gum and prepared to blow. A non-surprising .035 was blown.

Does a penny in your mouth make a difference? With the same .034 of wine I found the rustiest looking penny I could and swished it around my mouth and blew with the penny in my mouth. I blew a .036.

Are you still drunk when you wake up? YES. Test one and two gave way to a nite of drinking and subsequently blowing a .09 (.08 is the legal limit) at 12:07pm the next day.

What did we learn? You can’t beat a breathalyzer with gum or pennies and alcohol takes a really long time to leave your system.