Celebrate the Small Victories with a BBQ

Close your eyes (not literally, your reading this great article) and picture in your mind’s eye your living room strewn with papers, tiny screws, and slabs of plywood. You’ve been there for hours, sweating and swearing over instructions with no words or tips. You’re in the dreaded Swedish furniture assembly zone, and for that I pity you. Sometimes we have to adult and build our own furniture. But once you’re done, you also get to reward yourself for being such a great adult, and there’s few better ways to celebrate than a charcoal BBQ.

Despite what Hank Hill said, charcoal is leagues better than propane and we all know it. There are scurrilous lies out there that it is hard to light or takes an hour to be ready to cook, but don’t believe that bunk. Kingsford Match Light Instant Light Charcoal takes a single match or lighter to get going (no fluid!), and is ready to seer your kielbasa in just a few minutes – the same few minutes you would run your propane to heat up the grilling surface.

So prep time is the same, but the results of the final product could not be more different. With charcoal you can (and should) create a gradient of heat by stacking your charcoal on one end of your BBQ and sloping it downward toward the other end. This allows you to more precisely cook your meat and veg than simply turning down a whole burner. You’re chef-level BBQing now! Seal the image you’ve just cultivated by throwing on some underripe peaches for desert and then sit back and bask in the adulation. That was worth some furniture assembly, wasn’t it?

Celebrate the everyday victories of adulting with some quality outdoor cooking. You’ve earned it.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kingsford®. The opinions and text are all mine.